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'The Circle': Why did Yu Ling not save 'throuple besties' Alysaa and Bru?

Yu Ling breaks her alliance with her throuple besties, Alyssa and Bru to secure her place in the competition
Yu Ling in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)
Yu Ling in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)

'The Circle' Season 4 got off to a rocky start, but things are looking up now. We're two weeks into the league and already things are changing. These players form and dissolve alliances regularly, and the show continues to introduce new wildcards into the mix. It's difficult to know whom to trust as you meet new people!

Due to the obvious major cliffhanger in Week 1 and all the Spice Girls craziness, you've probably seen Weeks 5-8 in one nail-biting binge session, you're probably wondering why Yu Ling didn't choose to immune either Alyssa or Bru, among other things. Two new characters were introduced in the latest set of episodes. We have Imani, who is Trevor – who is the husband of Season 2 champion DeLeesa, who catfished using Trevor as her profile; and Eversen, the party director of a cruise ship that strives to bring positive vibes to 'The Circle!' Their arrival was timed to coincide with a CYBER ATTACK, but it was not a real one. This is another round of gaming aimed to pull off the dodgiest behavior, similar to 'Too hot to handle' last year.


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'The Circle' Season 4 episode 8 (Netflix)

Each player is allowed to reveal one photo from another player's photo gallery and pair it with a pointed question - all while remaining anonymous. It's mostly the same as before, with some ignoring the questions entirely, some strong allegations of catfishing and some overall positive vibes.

To get things back on track, each contestant had to obtain "anti-virus software," which is a cute way of stating that Imani and Everson had to pick one person to save. Imani chose Frank, who subsequently delivered Yu Ling the "software" and saved her. Yu Ling saves Rachel despite her alliance with Alyssa and Bru(!).

This surprised everyone, notably Alyssa and Bru, who had been in a "throuple" group chat with Yu Ling since day one. Since Crissa's departure, the dynamics among the three have shifted, with Alyssa and Bru consistently supporting Carol, who most people believe is a catfish (which she is!) and Yu Ling ventured off to find a new alliance. Frank and Rachel did become her new allies. Rachel, who comes across as forthright, was candid about her views about Carol. She thought the whole "Momma Carol" thing was just a way for her to stay in everyone's good graces. Since both Yu Ling and Rachel wanted Carol to be gone, Yu Ling chose Rachel above Alyssa or Bru (Bru is very loyal to her friendship with Carol).

Rachel picked Nathan, which cleared their relationship a little. Nathan opted to save Bru, and now Bru must choose between his Circle mother Carol and his Circle existent Alyssa. Who will he pick?! Given that the two are among Bru's most trusted allies, it'll be a difficult decision to make, and he'll be in a lose-lose situation!

Bru in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Netflix)

'The Circle' is now available on Netflix! Every Wednesday, new episodes of Season 4 will be released!