'The Circle' Season 4: Who is Trevor St Agathe? Season 2 winner DeLeesa's husband is the new player

A new player is joining 'The Circle' and it is none other than Season 2 winner DeLeesa's husband, Trevor

                            'The Circle' Season 4: Who is Trevor St Agathe? Season 2 winner DeLeesa's husband is the new player
Trevor St. Agathe in 'The Circle' Season 4 (Instagram/@trev_saint)

Season 4 of ‘The Circle’ started out with seven competitors last Wednesday. Frank, Yu Ling, Alyssa, Crissa, and Bru entered 'The Circle' with their own identities while John and Parker take on the personas of their parents. They were later joined by Rachel who will play as herself and Nathan, a catfish who is actually Alex.

As we all know by now, ‘The Circle’ is always unpredictable. So when Parker and Crissa are blocked, it doesn’t take long for new players to join the game. Two new players will join 'The Circle' this week with one familiar face from a previous season. The familiar face is none other than Trevor, the husband of 'The Circle' Season 2 winner DeLeesa.


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Who is Trevor St Agathe?

For those of you who may be confused, DeLeesa entered 'The Circle' Season 2 as a catfish. She chose to play as her husband, turned him into a single father, and wasn’t afraid to flirt with the ladies. Well her strategy paid off literally because, at the end of Season 2, DeLeesa was crowned the winner and won the $100,000 prize. Now her catfish profile a.k.a her real husband will be joining 'The Circle' Season 4 as a cast member.


Trevor is 36 years old and works as a strength and conditioning coach. He was a specialist at P3 Applied Sports Science and previously worked for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. Trevor also shares two daughters with DeLeesa whose names are Toni Abella and Tori Sky. According to his Instagram, he is all about his family, fatherhood, fitness, and fashion.


Is Trevor playing as himself or as a catfish?

In 'The Circle' Season 4, Trevor reveals that he will be playing the game as a catfish. His profile will be Imani, his wife’s friend. In his cast reveal video, Trevor calls himself the king of the ‘The Circle’ and his wife queen. Well, only time will tell if Trevor manages to repeat his wife’s success and ends up being season 4’s winner.

Does Trevor have an Instagram account?

Trevor is available on Instagram and his handle is @trev_saint


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