Will Mitchell Eason be fired? 'The Circle' fans dub him 'racist' after photo with Confederate Flag resurfaces

Mitchell's mother Tammy and brother Ed were a part of 'The Circle'

                            Will Mitchell Eason be fired? 'The Circle' fans dub him 'racist' after photo with Confederate Flag resurfaces
Mitchell Eason from 'The Circle' (Mitchell/ Instagram)

'The Circle' Season 2 player Mitchell Eason has done more than just serving smoldering looks on the show. Although he wasn't a catfish, the now-blocked contestant conducted himself in a way that helped him survive the intense competition, albeit to an extent. Mitchell's journey was cut short by fellow contestant Lee Swift in week three. However, it will be remembered for seasons to come especially after what went down on the sidelines of the show - an old post of his resurfaced sparking outrage among fans who branded him "racist" and a "homophobic."

At this point, the pertinent question to ask would be: Will Mitchell be fired? There have been a string of reality TV stars who were dropped from the shows they were once an integral part of over racism. Over the last few years, the networks and streaming giants have become increasingly sensitive towards racist remarks and controversial tweets that are capable of hurting the sentiments of people belonging to specific communities or culture. More on that in a bit.


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Who is Mitchell Eason?

Mitchell is related to 'The Circle' veterans - Tammy and Ed. He grew up with his mother and brother in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and later moved to Miami, Florida. With 80K plus followers on Instagram, it would be safe to say, he's quite the influencer. Mitchell is into fitness and often shows off his perfectly shredded physique on the photo-blogging site. 



The reality TV star was already doing well for himself on social media when 'The Circle' happened and helped him establish a strong, loyal fan base. Even though he had an edge over the rest, Mitchell chose to go uninformed and developed his own story once he entered the show. 

"I didn’t want to go in there and get the rundown from them. The fun comes from the surprise. I’d rather not know what happens in my life," he told Parade in his exit interview and added: "I’d rather not know the day I die or how much success I experienced. Because then why’s life worth living? So I went in with the mindset of being surprised rather than bored knowing everything about the show."




Will he be fired?

Unlikely, given he has already been eliminated. But, it remains to be seen if he'll return for another season. At this point, we cannot confirm any information. But, we do know that Mitchell continued to be one of the popular stars even after he was voted out. Fans couldn't stop talking about the looks he had been serving while on 'The Circle' and off of it.

It was going well for the budding TV star when trouble came knocking. A Twitter user named Michael, claiming to be his acquaintance, called Mitchell out for being homophobic and racist. A few others stepped up to share screenshots of an old Instagram live of Mitchell's where he sat out of his bedroom with a confederate flag in the background.

Mitchell Eason (Twitter)


In a series of since-deleted tweets, Michael called himself to be Mitchell's high school mate and that he has had to experience "homophobia" first hand. Although Michael's previous posts are gone, he recently shared a tweet from another classmate who made similar claims. "went to high school with this guy and he truly a piece of shit, never liked him never will," Allison wrote. 



Mitchell's mom Tammy is racist?

Meanwhile, one of the many Reddit threads exploded after a user shared screengrabs of Michael's controversial tweets.

"I got strong racist vibes from his mom last season. Sucks that he's a popular player now," one commented, while another shared: "Omg I immediately knew it! In the first season ed and his mother were after Rebecca just because she was black! I mean, he was totally obsessed with the idea of blocking her, and not in a normal way! Now Mitchell is after Courtney too with the same energy!!! So glad other people recognized this too. It‘s so gross watching these people doing what they want without anyone calling them out!"


Posts on Mitchell Eason (Twitter)


"I'm convinced he's closeted gay guy. Him being a virgin (if true) is a red flag. Reminds me of Colton Eastwood lol," a third pointed out. 

Mitchell, despite the scathing remarks, has emerged one of the better and popular players. The reasons for it could be plenty. He has not only floored the viewers with his good looks but charmed them with his wise cracks and smart thinking. 

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