When will 'The Chi' Season 4 Episode 8 air? Here's what to expect from 'Love Jones'

When will 'The Chi' Season 4 Episode 8 air? Here's what to expect from 'Love Jones'
Jacob Latimore as Emmett in 'The Chi' (Showtime)

Season 4 of ‘The Chi’ is slowly moving toward its end and fans are hoping to see a happy ending for almost all the characters. Episode 7 of the show was intense and multi-layered as we saw every character trying to do something new in their lives. Fortunately, the series is not going for breaks anymore and will be coming out with a new episode on Sunday, July 18. The network has already made it clear that there will be new episodes in the upcoming two weeks.

In the previous episode, we saw Emmett (Jacob Latimore) and Tiffany (Hannah Hall) still having some troubles in their relationship. Emmett is really trying hard to end this “open relationship” thing. However, Tiff is not ready.


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Kevin (Alex Hibbert) might have a new fling but she kept him in the friend zone. He noticed the girl liked a little color in a guy’s hair so he dyed his midnight blue. Meanwhile, Jake (Michael V Epps) and Jemma (Judae'a Brown) are getting serious in their relationship as Jake shows his affection for his new girlfriend.


Judae'a Brown as Jemma in 'The Chi' (Showtime)

Meanwhile, Douda (Curtiss Cook) is back to work and gave the command to shut down a trap house. Trig (Luke James) and Imani (Jasmine Davis) were given the responsibility to give a new life to all the women working there. Elsewhere, Keisha (Birgundi Baker) is finally getting the courage to go out on a date and settle down with a good man. A lot of stuff has been happening in every character’s life and the upcoming episode will only escalate the drama. Let’s take a look at when the upcoming episode will air on Showtime and what to expect from it.


When will ‘The Chi’ Season 4 Episode 8 air?

Showtime has announced that there will be no breaks this week and the new episode, titled ‘Love Jones’, will be making its way to the network on Sunday, July 18, at 9 pm ET. The episode will be all about love and see Emmett reflecting on his marriage with Tiffany. He calls up Papa (Shamon Brown) and Kevin for relationship advice. Kevin is really shocked to know that he needs relationship advice from two kids, but Emmett says that love is hard and he needs help.


A still from 'The Chi' (Showtime)


While attending a party, Kevin is seen dancing with another girl and hoped to get Jemma’s attention and it seems like he does. Jemma is totally jealous after seeing Kevin dancing with someone else. Kevin meets her outside and asks if she still loves him or not. On the other hand, former best friends Kevin and Jake come face to face with each other and have a conversation. Kevin is ruthless in telling him that when he told him to get a girlfriend, he didn’t say that he should go ahead and steal his girl.

The episode will also see Keisha going on another date with Christian. However, she had another panic attack and stormed out of the restaurant. The guy consoled her and understood what she went through in her past. All in all, the upcoming episode will be all about love and people trying to get their loved ones back. It will be interesting how Nina (Tyla Abercrumbie) tries to get back with Dre (Miriam A Hyman).


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Emmett is trying to make his relationship with Tiff stronger and wants to take her out for a real date. However, she has some work to do and is supposed to sell edibles at a sex party. So, he decides to go with her and the couple starts having a conversation with the hosts of the party about how to have a successful open relationship.

Meanwhile, Douda helps Trig and Imani get Nuck bounced from the trap house. Initially, the women who were being kept there got really angry and demanded if they have a house to live in or not. However, Imani has an idea and tells them to keep the house for their own and live a better life. The women were really happy to know that and it seemed like the plan might work. On the other hand, Trig and Tracy’s (Tai Davis) community protection group does also seem to be working well.


Curtiss Cook as Douda in 'The Chi' (Showtime)

Jake is getting really serious about his relationship with Jemma as he surprises her with a date in his room. He asks her to go to the Spring Fling with him, and she says yes. The duo dances together and spends quality time with each other. On the other hand, their friend Kevin asks Lynae (Zaria Primer) out, but she refuses. Still, she puts her number in his phone before they part ways.

Elsewhere, Kiesha is trying to name her son and has different ideas for it. After she wakes from a nightmare about Omari and her kidnapping, she remembers how Ronnie helped rescue her. So she decides to name her little boy Ronnie.

But the biggest revelation in the episode came when Nina finally told Dre that she cheated. Nina does a test run by admitting to the affair and the look on Jada’s face said everything. After the baby show, Nina admitted it for real and apologized to Dre as she screamed “NO!”


Tyla Abercrumbie as Nina and Miriam A Hyman as Dre in 'The Chi' (Showtime)

'The Chi' Season 4 returns to Showtime with a new episode every Sunday at 9 pm ET. 


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