'The Chi' Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Emmet and Keisha fight their own demons

'The Girl from Chicago' on 'The Chi' is a well-written episode filled with emotions and a terrible heartbreak

                            'The Chi' Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Emmet and Keisha fight their own demons
Jacob Latimore as Emmett on 'The Chi' (Showtime)

Spoiler alert

Whenever viewers feel like ‘The Chi’ couldn’t get more emotional, the show comes out with an episode that demands viewers to make use of tissue papers. The show has been juggling through a lot of issues that the Black community faces in their lives and the latest episode feels like a perfect ode to people who went through a lot of personal heartbreaks while trying to do something better for themselves and their families.

The third episode, ‘Native Son’ focused on the personal relationships of the characters. Meanwhile, the latest episode, 'The Girl from Chicago', brings a lot of terrifying situations into everyone's life. For starters, Emmet (Jacob Latimore) and Tiffany (Hannah Hall) are officially in an open relationship and they are seeing other people. However, it seems Emmett is still not convinced that they should be doing that.


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Jacob Latimore (Emmett) and Hannah Hall (Tiffany) in 'The Chi' (Showtime)

On the other hand, Jake’s (Michael V Epps) interview with Jemma (Judaea Brown) has gone viral in the entire school and some of the controversial things spoken during the interview have landed both the characters in trouble. Jemma’s show has been taken off until everything calms down while Jake is given a warning. However, they decide to bring a revolution by telling everyone that whatever happened was really unnecessary and they try to call the entire school out for a talk. But Kevin (Alex Hibbert) scares everyone out and no one joins in. Kevin realizes his mistake and posts an apology on social media.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s sister Keisha (Birgundi Baker) was rushed to the hospital after excruciating pain in her belly. After reaching the hospital, one of the doctors say that Keisha’s high blood pressure was responsible for the pain and if the problem persists, it can cause damage to the baby’s brain. The doctor says that Keisha needs to go into labor. Visibly scared, Keisha initially tries to make peace with the situation but decides to have a second opinion. It turns out, her blood pressure is normal now and she doesn’t have to go into labor so early.

Birgundi Baker as Keisha in 'The Chi' (Showtime)

The episode ends with Emmett visiting his mother. He sees her on the bathroom floor and asks if she’s feeling alright. She finally gets the courage to tell him that she is suffering from breast cancer and the look on her face says it all. Jada was crushed when she told about the condition to her son.

Meanwhile, the news really stunned Emmett and it took him some time to take it all in. After the revelation, he reaches his house and sits next to Tiffany, who knows that something is not right. Emmett breaks down and starts crying as Tiffany tries to console him. The episode was filled with emotional moments and characters were seen fighting their own demons while trying to help others. All in all, ‘The Girl from the Chicago’ is a really well-written episode that makes the viewer realize that the path to normalcy will not be easy for anyone.

‘The Chi’ Season 4 returns with a new episode on Sunday at 9 pm ET on Showtime.

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