Does Kaycee Clark lose in the finals? Here's the shocking truth behind 'The Challenge' star's elimination

Kaycee is easily one of the strongest contenders on the show

                            Does Kaycee Clark lose in the finals? Here's the shocking truth behind 'The Challenge' star's elimination
Kaycee Clark from 'The Challenge: Double Agents' (Kaycee/ Instagram)

Kaycee Clark is easily one of the strongest contenders on 'The Challenge: Double Agents'. With five daily challenge wins, she is right on top in the running for the finals. His partner Leroy Garrett is not too far behind with an equal number of wins in his bag.

Ideally, this should help them win convincingly. At this point, they are confident than most and willing to do what it takes to seal the deal. However, reports suggest, Kaycee finished fourth alongside new partner Fessy Shafaat.


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Kaycee was medically disqualified after suffering an injury, Fandom reported. Amber Borzotra and Chris 'CT' Tamburello walked away with the $1 million cash prize, while Cory Wharton and Kam Williams, and Leroy and Nany Gonzalez, took the second and third slots.

Circling back to Kaycee's injury. When she shared her thoughts on post-surgery recovery on Instagram on November 30, 2020, she didn't mention the events leading up to the injury. It was more of a motivational post.Which means, we cannot be sure if her injury had anything to do with the stunts on 'The Challenge.'

"When life throws you challenges all you can do is accept it, smile, and move forward. No time for a pity party over here! It’s inevitable that we will all go through ups and downs there is no way of escaping them. Learn to embrace the journey," she posted and continued: "Where I’m at now is all apart of my life story and I’ve learned to have the right attitude even if it was something I wasn’t expecting. I know there is nothing but growth coming from this devastating injury. Getting through this takes a lot of mind strength and I’m here for it."


While she might have recovered from the ruptured patellar tendon but looks like this veteran is now left with a broken heart to nurse. According to Cheatsheet, Kaycee Clark and Tayler Jiminez have unfollowed each other on social media and deleted pictures of them that they had posted.

They began dating in 2018 and were going strong. During 'Total Madness', Nany tried to flirt her way into Kaycee's heart but she didn't return those feelings. At that point, it seemed the couple was serious. However, things happen and people move. Let's wait for Kaycee to clear the air.  

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