'The Challenge: Double Agents' Episode 9: Kaycee Clark eliminates Theresa 'Toxic T' Jones in 'Snapping Point'

Kaycee said she was confident that she could beat any of the ladies in the competition

                            'The Challenge: Double Agents' Episode 9: Kaycee Clark eliminates Theresa 'Toxic T' Jones in 'Snapping Point'
Kaycee Clark said that she was confident about defeating Theresa Jones in the elimanation challenge (Kaycee/Instagram, Theresa/Instagram)

The interrogation round left 'The Challenge' cast with two winners – Darrell Taylor and Amber Borzotra. And well-deserved! But before they could rejoice, bask in the glory of their win, Amber was faced with a great task – to figure who would be going into elimination. 

As everyone treated themselves to a few drinks and food around the house after a tough quiz day, Amber sat in one corner discussing her options with Nany Gonzalez, who convinced her that Theresa Jones was an athlete and if she gets to the final, she'd beat everyone who comes in her way. 


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Later, she was seen having a chat with Kaycee Clark to understand if she'd be okay fighting it out with Theresa in an elimination challenge. Kaycee, who agreed, said she might be into that, shared in her confessional that she could beat any of the girls in the competition. 

Theresa, on the other hand, admitted that even though she recognizes the vibe and that she would go next, she is not the one to go around making a case for herself. She promised if she got to the final she'd beat everyone fair and square. So, did Kaycee beat Theresa in the Snapping Point task? From spoiler articles the net is flooded with, the answer is yes. The Challenge Fandom confirmed the results. Amber had one chance to get the last gold skull, but she literally gifted it to Kaycee. Let's hope she doesn't have to regret her decision later in the game.


Going into the elimination round, there was possibly a lot on Theresa's mind. She opened up about anxiety and postpartum depression as she worked out with Cory Wharton, who later called her 'Toxic T'. It was brave of her to share her experiences as a mother. She is expecting her third child with her husband NFL star TJ Jones. 

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