'The Challenge: Double Agents': Is Kaycee Clark a veteran? Fans wonder as show airs with 20 returning contestants

Fans are surprised to see showrunners brand Kaycee Clark as a 'vet' because she has only one season of 'The Challenge' to her name

                            'The Challenge: Double Agents': Is Kaycee Clark a veteran? Fans wonder as show airs with 20 returning contestants
Kaycee Clark (MTV)

'The Challenge' Season 36 aka 'The Challenge: Double Agents' is all set to return to MTV with 30 participants, of which 20 are veterans, meaning those who have been a part of the show and are basically, returning contestants. Kaycee Clark, who was a rookie last season, has been labeled a vet and fans are surprised that the showrunners would do that because for them, a participant has to have been in two seasons at least to be called a "vet."

"Is in 1 or even half a season of the challenge The Challenge: they have to be a vet!! Honestly BS I missed when the challenge wasn't misleading and calling one year challenger vets. At least go back to the old format of "1 challenge season" or "2nd challenge season," a fan commented on MTV's YouTube channel, while another echoed: "I wish they would stop considering people who have done one season “a vet.” Y’all aren’t vets, you’re seasoned lol."

"For real Kaycee been on 1 season you not a vet lol at least be on 4 seasons," a user posted, while another expressed: "Remember when a challenge contestant was considered a veteran after at least two seasons? That was cool."

"So we’re calling Kaycee a vet now? So excited to see Lolo on the main show and Theresa back, and CT and Wes and Darrell! This season is going to be epic," a fan shared. "Smh Kaycee ain't no vet. One season don't make you no vet. You have to do at least 2 seasons to be a vet," another pointed out. 

Vet or not, Kaycee has garnered a lot of experience during her stint in the previous season, not just with regard to the stunts, but also personal equations and how one needs to strategize wisely to survive the cut throat competition. Also, she was part of a massive social media furore after she and Nany Gonzalez got close to each other during a club outing. 

Although she pushed Nany away after she got drunk and asked her to follow her to the bathroom, but there was quite a bit of conversation around how Kaycee allowed Nany to get close to her given that she has a girlfriend - Taylor Jiminez - outside of the show.

'The Challenge: Double Agents' premieres on MTV on December 9, Wednesday at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings. 

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