Is Lolo Jones a 'quitter'? Here's what the Olympian won after she left 'The Challenge: Double Agents'

Is Lolo Jones a 'quitter'? Here's what the Olympian won after she left 'The Challenge: Double Agents'
Lolo Jones from 'The Challenge: Double Agents' (Lolo/ Instagram)

Lolo Jones quit after she lost the airdrop task on 'The Challenge: Double Agents'. She has been in need of a win for a while now, but no one thought her disappointment would reach a point where she'd leave the show. This week, she hit all kinds of nerves when her partner Nam Vo and she couldn't swim fast enough to make it to the buzzer. 

The next thing we know, Lolo is all packed and ready to exit the Iceland headquarters. While Nam was supportive of her decision, he was equally numb and so were their fellow agents. She said the competition has not offered her enough opportunities to win the gold skull. "I tried everything," she said and added that it would be best for her to leave and do what her training has taught her to do. Her argument was she was being blocked from walking away with the said skull. The Golden Skull is the ticket to the finale and therefore it's important that everyone wishing to bag a million dollars has one. 


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Even though fans are not okay with her quitting, it has served her well. She represented Team USA  at the IBSF World Championships 2021 and won gold in Bobsleigh. "Old. Washed up. You should retire.⁣ Can’t medal. 11 years since my last World champs medal. 11 years of hate. Ignore them all. Keep grinding," Lolo wrote after her win on Instagram earlier this month. 

Meanwhile, the Internet is busy dubbing her as a "quitter". 


"I don't understand how Lolo's training taught her to quit. @tjlavin does't like quitters," a fan commented, while another shared: "So Lolo pusses out and blames it on a daily? And of course Nam supports her decision to leave. She was driving him insane with all the crying and complaining."




"Lolo and Nam had every piece of talent to be the best team, and they couldn’t put their differences aside to make it work. An Olympic athlete QUITTING?! Absolute pussy move," a user pointed out. "Lolo really just up and quit just like that after getting this far all cause she didn't have her skull yet? She still had a chance. What a loser! PLEASE don't ever invite her back," another tweeted.  






"Lolo is doing what all her training has told her to do... Quit???" a user wondered, another shared: "I did feel bad for LoLo at first, but she's always complaining. Bye! Never in a million years would I think she would actually quit. She could've easily been in the final. #TheChallenge36." 




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