'The Challenge' Episode 11 Spoilers: Did Lolo Jones quit over Nam Vo feud? Fans say she wants him as 'boyfriend'

'The Challenge' Episode 11 Spoilers: Did Lolo Jones quit over Nam Vo feud? Fans say she wants him as 'boyfriend'
Lolo Jones and Nam Vo of 'The Challenge' (Nam/ Lolo/ Instagram)

Nam Vo and Lolo Jones have been bickering for a few weeks now. They cannot seem to achieve team balance, which has resulted in them falling out often. Their differences reached a point where they wanted to go separate ways and team up with other agents.

Lolo's argument is Nam doesn't support the intensity she brings to the mix. He, however, denies those claims saying that even though they have been on different pages, he has consciously tried to assist her in every possible way. They went into the deliberation round knowing they would be making cases for themselves, asking agents to vote them into elimination. Cory Wharton said if they wanted to split as agents, they should have brought it up before. Eventually, Amber M and Cory Wharton were elected as Hall Brawl participants. Amber went against Amber Borzotra and lost. 


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But Lolo's problems were far from over. In Episode 11, we see her break down over issues with Nam. Seconds later, host TJ Lavin announces a "security breach", which means an agent has left the show unexpectedly or there's a new joinee. Will she self-eliminate because of her friction with Nam? She plays sports and that must have taught her better. One of 'The Challenge' fan sites, however, claimed that she was "removed by production/ quit". Where does this leave Nam? He's resilient, he'll make it on his own.


Meanwhile, fans weighed in on Nam and Lolo's conversations about them not getting along. Some felt Lolo needed a boyfriend and not an agent.

"Lolo's problem is she's looking to Nam as if he's her boyfriend. Wanting a man that don't want you back does that to a woman #TheChallenge36," a fan commented, while another shared: "Lolo is looking for a boyfriend in Nam. Chick it's the challenge. Just shut up already. She's so annoying #TheChallenge36." 



"“a guy who accepts me for me” lolo .. nam is NOT your boyfriend. she is deranged #thechallenge36," a viewer expressed. "NAM IS NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND LOLO HE'S YOUR PARTNER SO SAVE THE FLAWS AND ALL FOR BEYONCÉ. She's intense for NO reason. Girl get a fucking grip #TheChallenge36," another tweeted. 



"Every conversation Nam is trying to fix it and Lolo is shutting him up and sending him away and then she’s the victim... #TheChallenge36," one user pointed out. "I think I am slowly coming to an end on stanning Nam and Lolo. I don’t appreciate how Lolo is going off on Nam when he is literally trying to work and be there for her. #TheChallenge #TheChallengeDoubleAgents #TheChallenge36," another echoed. 



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