Who went home on 'The Challenge: Double Agents' Episode 16? Fessy Shafaat may repeat Hall Brawl performance

Who went home on 'The Challenge: Double Agents' Episode 16? Fessy Shafaat may repeat Hall Brawl performance
Fessy Shafaat from 'The Challenge: Double Agents' (MTV)

Fessy Shafaat may have called himself shy and introverted but certainly, those are not the attributes that are on display when it comes to competing. He's fierce, strong and will stop at nothing to win. And with the 'The Challenge: Double Agents' inching closer to the finals, he'll get only charged up.

From what fan sites have reported thus far, Fessy may repeat his Hall Brawl performance. He's up against Kyle Christie this time. If the news is any true and they end up fighting each other, it'll make for an intense and interesting showdown given how they started when the show aired.


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"Kyle eliminated by Fessy in Hall Brawl, Fandom reported. But it also said "quit" in brackets. Did Kyle back out? At this point, there's no way to confirm, but if he does it won't be surprising because Fessy can get aggressive during tasks.

When he competed with Nelson Thomas, whom he called friend, Fessy made some moves that found him amid a troll fest on social media. Most thought that he did his pal dirty by closing the safety helmet visor. And when that didn't work, he used his hands to shut his eyes so that Nelson couldn't see where he was going.


It was not just Nelson who was surprised but also several other teammates who thought that Fessy was being aggressive in the task. Cory Wharton called Fessy out and moments later, they got into a heated argument where Cory criticized his decision to come down on Nelson like a ton of bricks. However, Fessy defended his actions by saying that the million dollars (cash prize) were important to him. "Damm not only do I have a dislocated finger but this men had to play dirty," Nelson tweeted after the episode aired.

Coming back to Kyle's elimination. If he does quit or is defeated by Fessy as reported, he would have come this close to securing a spot in the finals. That will surely sting.

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