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'The Challenge': Is Fessy Shafaat Johnny Bananas 2.0? Fans enraged as he picks $1M over 'friend' Nelson Thomas

'Fessy is so lame how he fucked over his own friend like that! Who does that,' said a viewer
Fessy, Nelson Thomas, Bananas (MTV)
Fessy, Nelson Thomas, Bananas (MTV)

Going into the elimination challenge, it was evident that Faysal 'Fessy' Shafaat would beat any opponent who came in to tackle him. He was raring to go and very well prepared for the event, so much so that after a point it didn't matter to him that he was wrestling his "friend" Nelson Thomas, who eventually got eliminated. But not before, Fessy drew attention by playing dirty. He tried closing the visor of Nelson's safety helmet. When that didn't work, he used his hands to close his eyes. 

Not only was Nelson surprised, which may have shifted his focus, causing him to lose the elimination challenge, but a handful of agents, especially Cory Wharton, called him out on sketching Nelson out. Once the fight was over, the competitors shook hands while Fessy said his goal was to get to the $1 million prize and that the golden skull was his only ticket to it. 

Later, the axed agent took to Twitter to address his exit. In a series of tweets, he confirmed that he went in with a dislocated finger, an injury he suffered from one of the previous challenges against Leroy Garrett. "Damm not only do I have a dislocated finger but this men had to play dirty... @ChallengeMTV," he posted. 


Meanwhile, fans have weighed in with their two cents. Not only are they outraged that Fessy did Nelson wrong but some even ended up comparing the golden skull winner with Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio. Although he is a changed man now, there was a time when Bananas would stop at nothing to win a war. 

"This might be dramatic but the only thing I can compare to the culmination of what Fessy pulled tonight is what Ashley did to Hunter and what bananas did to Sarah," a user commented, while another tweeted: "Fessy = Old Johnny Bananas." "Damn, Messy Fessy is turning into Johnny Bananas 2.0 #TheChallenge36," one fan expressed. "Fessy is so lame how he fucked over his own friend like that! Who does that," another shared.





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