'The Challenge': Was Fessy scared of a physical fight? Here's why fans labeled him 'coward' and cheered for Kyle

Fans seem to be convinced that Fessy was scared of a physical fight and that was why he pushed Kyle into the elimination round

                            'The Challenge': Was Fessy scared of a physical fight? Here's why fans labeled him 'coward' and cheered for Kyle
Fessy, Kyle (MTV)

'The Challenge: Double Agents' Episode 2 has come to a dramatic end. Joseph Allen was eliminated after Kyle Christie beat him fair and square at the ring. It was a tense few minutes but the results were evident. Kyle may have been underrated and not considered a serious player until he decided to get rid of the labels by putting up a strong front. But the elimination challenge took a toll on him, he threw up blood and was visibly disturbed to see Faysal 'Fessy' Shafaat back out of the final task and push Kyle instead.

Fessy and Aneesa are safe from elimination but by the end of the episode, host TJ Lavin offered if he would like to compete in the elimination task to win the golden skull. Why is winning the golden skull so important? By the end of the show, the ones with golden skull can proceed to the finals, which is why the contestants are never safe and have to be a part of the final round if they wish to make it till the end. 

Fessy is aware of the conditions and yet decided to stay in the safe zone. Kyle, after he was done with the fight at the ring with Joseph, called Fessy out, said he "p****ed" out when he said it was a physical fight. Sadly, Fessy had no answers. 

Winning a task comes with its perks. Kyle was now in a position to switch partners, which he did. He dumped Nany Gonzalez to partner up with Kam Williams, which meant Nany was now with her friend Joshua 'Josh' Martinez. Chris 'CT' Tamburello ended with Big T, who was freshly-eliminated Joseph's partner.

Meanwhile, fans have labeled Fessy "coward" for chickening out. "Gotta give it to Kyle - he kicked ass when he needed to & did his best to shake up the game. Fessy took the coward’s way out & doesn’t deserve a skull. A great season just got even better. #TheChallenge36," a fan commented, while another shared: "LOL how did fessy not go down? Kyle was right for calling him out, he knew it was physical! #TheChallenge36." 



"Y'all stay trashing Kyle but he brings drama for the guys. He won an elimination, called Fessy a pussy, and infiltrated a power alliance by partnering up with one of the best girls in the game within minutes, that's king shit #TheChallenge36," a user tweeted. "Love Kyle calling out Fessy. He’s not wrong either. Head to head in an elimination, Fessy would probably beat him, but in finals, Kyle has already shown he can beat Fessy, Cory and Leroy. They shouldn’t underestimate him. Fessy is playing scared/petty right now. #TheChallenge36," another expressed.



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