'The Bachelorette' contestant Nate Mitchell admits he wasn’t trying to win Gabby Windey back with his viral TikToks

'The Bachelorette' contestant Nate Mitchell admits he wasn’t trying to win Gabby Windey back with his viral TikToks
Nate Mitchell and Gabby Windey in a still from 'The Bachelorette' (@nate_mitchell12/Instagram)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: The conclusion of Gabby and Nate's love story devastated many Bachelor Nation viewers' hearts, and Nate made it apparent that he was suffering after the whole fiasco when he released some post-split TikToks that received millions of views. Although his "cringe" content was not well received by fans, he has a lot to say about his post-breakup sentiments.

Nate Mitchell's romance with Gabby Windey was the highlight of Season 19 of ABC's 'The Bachelorette'. Nate and Gabby became close early on, but Gabby sent him home just before Hometowns. Following his departure from the show, he released a TikTok that many fans found cringe-worthy. Nate is now coming out with the reasons why he did it, weeks after his video went viral.


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Nate Mitchell was a fan favorite on Season 19 of 'The Bachelorette'. During their first one-on-one, he told Gabby about his daughter, winning the hearts of the show's viewers. Gabby, on the other hand, realized she wasn't ready to be a stepmother. Gabby's connection with her mother is problematic, and she recounted how she's been alienated from her mother for years. This most definitely influenced her choice to send Nate home, albeit it was not an easy one.

Nate's TikTok, which he posted after Gabby ousted him, was shared by a Reddit user. The TikTok shows Nate seated at a computer, staring into the distance, with the statement, "Friends: Why are you still thinking about her?" TikTok then presents a montage of photographs to explain that he feels Gabby is unique. One picture depicts a golden egg in the midst of a sea of normal eggs. Another picture depicts a gold balloon surrounded by gray balloons.

While viewers adored Nate during his stint on 'The Bachelorette' Season 19, unexpected information emerged that cast doubt on his motives. Nate's ex-girlfriend's texts were leaked by Reality Steve. Nate's ex-girlfriend said he was dating another lady when they had been together for over a year. Nate, she alleged, never informed her about his daughter or his divorce. This knowledge might have influenced how some fans reacted to Nate's TikTok.

“I assume he knows how this ends … and if she’s engaged, this is pretty cringe,” a Reddit user said. "This makes me viscerally uncomfortable," said another fan.

Nate is ready to talk about the split, the TikToks, and his ongoing feelings for Gabby now that he's had some time to process the separation (and a chance to meet Gabby face-to-face again while taping the 'Men Tell All' special). And he confirmed it by discussing all of these topics with Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson on the 'Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation' podcast.

When asked why he shared those 'cringe' TikToks, he explained that he needed to express himself. "When I got broken up with, and I came back, I couldn’t do anything. So I had bottled up these emotions and couldn’t say anything because I was still actively in it. When I got dumped on the show, I could finally express what I felt at that time. A lot of that was something I wanted to get out there, so I could move on from that. It wasn’t trying to win her back, it was just how I felt at that time when I was hurting," he said.

In the podcast, he also stated that he is not currently attempting to reconcile with Gabby. "I am assuming she’s with the person she wants to be with. I am not trying to wreck a happy home for my own good, so if she’s happy, I’m happy," he added.

The Season 19 finale of 'The Bachelorette' airs in two parts on Tuesday, September 13 and September 20 at 8 pm on ABC.

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