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'The Bachelorette': Is 'boy band manager' Kenny Braasch a pot-stirrer? Fans are 'getting a weird vibe' from him

Kenny is one of Clare Crawley's suitors and even though he seems to have made a great impression on Clare with his t-shirt featuring her dogs, fans think he's a 'douche'

Clare Crawley's suitors are all very good looking and that had been established way before 'The Bachelorette' premiere episode that aired on Tuesday night. The production has been lauded for doing an amazing job with deviating from the actor and model group and finding individuals with regular jobs eg. IT executive, athlete, chef etc. The limo dates are a very essential part of 'Bachelorette' and a lot of them managed to make decent entries and by decent we mean basic, the ones where the men go, "you are so beautiful, can't wait to begin this journey." However, a few of them did manage to throw caution to the wind and danced to their own tunes during the first meeting.

A guy literally turned up in a straitjacket, we yet have to figure out what was the original thought behind doing so because the "was trying to be funny" reason is just not cutting it. Another man took the Covid-19 bubble situation a little too seriously and turned up inside a zorb ball while another wore full metal armor, while another turned up wearing a fake pregnant belly

Then there was Kenny Braasch from Chicago who is now known on the internet as "boy band manager Kenny". This person is of Clare's age and fans are still wondering why is he still managing a boy band. Another question that fans were frantically seeking an answer to was which band does he manage. A lot of them were expecting it to be huge bands, we are talking One Direction or Backstreet Boys level huge, but things fizzled when they found out that he manages a cover band. Called 'The Boy Band Night', the seven-piece Chicago-based group consists of three singers, a guitar player, a pianist, a drummer and a bassist, according to Bustle. Kenny also turned up wearing a T-shirt featuring Clare's dogs so that she didn't miss them too much and she also went ahead to pet the photo of her dogs on his shirt in return. Clare might have appeared to be impressed with him, however, Kenny the boyband manager is not doing it for the fans.

"Kenny the “Boy Band Manager” looks like such a dirtbag. There is NO WAY this guy won’t be a pot-stirrer. You know he will try to N’SYNC this ship. Okay, okay. I’ll turn one hundred and 98° around and let myself out the backstreet’s back door. #bachelorette #TheBachelorette" wrote a fan. "Nope, don't like the vibes from Kenny. A boy band manager... #TheBachelorette," wrote another. "I have a bad feeling about Kenny and I don’t know why. Is he problematic, do we know? #TheBachelorette," read another tweet. "Kenny. Well I like the name, I like the t-shirt, but I’m getting a weird vibe. #TheBachelorette" wrote another fan. "Kenny is a HUGE douche, calling it now. Even though the dog shirt is cute #TheBachelorette," read another tweet. 





'The Bachelorette' airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC.