'The Bachelorette': Clare Crawley's suitor Jason Foster offends 'uncomfortable' fans with pregnant belly entry

Jason Foster stepped out of the limo with a pregnant belly as a way of making Clare laugh by reminding her of the time she did it on 'Bachelor' for Juan Pablo's season

                            'The Bachelorette': Clare Crawley's suitor Jason Foster offends 'uncomfortable' fans with pregnant belly entry

Clare Crawley's season of 'The Bachelorette' has officially begun. Well, it's really not her season to be honest as everyone is a Tayshia Adams stan but currently, at least for a few weeks, it is Clare that kicked off Tuesday night (October 13). Thirty minutes into the premiere episode and nothing exciting was happening leaving fans wondering about the limo entries that the Bachelorverse so loves to watch.

Seeing those men step out of the limo trying to impress Clare was something that everyone watching the show was waiting for. The first meetings always feature a number of awkward, beautiful, wish-it-never-happened moments. Every other 'Bachelor' season as well as its spin-offs including 'Bachelorette' has proved it time after time.

Given the show's record, it was a no-brainer that no matter how irresistible Clare's suitors are, it was expected that there'd be a number of crazy moments too that would also turn out to be television gold. 

After Clare going on and on about how ready she is to find a man for herself and reminding the audiences that she was 39 and single, it was finally time for her men to step up and meet her for the first time. After a number of basic entries where the men said things to the effect of "you look beautiful, cannot wait to start this journey with you," it was time for things to be cranked up a bit and so it did with a slew of unusual first impression fashion.

While one suitor came in wearing a straitjacket saying this was his idea of bringing in the funny, another man turned up wearing full armor (we're guessing he saw Clare go off on Juan Pablo in the finale of Season 18 and just wanted to be safe). 

Then there was the pregnant guy, it was hard to miss him. Jason Foster stepped out of the limo sporting a pregnant belly. He copied Clare who made a similar entry on Juan Pablo's season and fans watching the show lost their calm on seeing Foster pull this gimmick. "Ever think of how terrible this show is? Seeing the pregnant guy made me think it. #TheBachelorette" wrote a fan.

"Who is this pregnant guy and can he get Back in the limo? I am offended. #TheBachelorette" wrote another. "Is this like showing up in an animal costume? Does he have to pretend to be pregnant all night? #TheBachelorette," read another tweet. "Literally who let this weirdo get out of the limo pretending to be pregnant," read a tweet. "Nope, not into the pregnant man move. I get that Clare did it, but I am very uncomfortable. #TheBachelorette," wrote another fan.










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