Who are Rasna and Bill Pitt? Meet 'The Bachelor' star Serena Pitt's parents from Toronto who are her backbone

One of the frontrunners this season, Serena is through to the hometown dates and Matt James will be meeting her parents in the next episode

                            Who are Rasna and Bill Pitt? Meet 'The Bachelor' star Serena Pitt's parents from Toronto who are her backbone
'The Bachelor' star Serena Pitt and her parents Rasna and Bill Pitt (Instagram/serena_pitt/ Facebook/rasna.pitt)

Serena Pitt put her foot down during the tantric yoga date. She was put in an uncomfortable spot after the activity required her and Matt James to be in sexual positions. Despite not being a fan of public display of affection, Serena continued following the instructions from a female yogi. However, when Matt leaned in for a kiss, she dodged it and Matt was completely taken aback for a couple of seconds before snapping out of it. 

Serena P and Matt spoke about the awkward date later and Serena made it clear that she would never want to engage in something like that. She was also open about the fact that she does not like to engage in PDA and with so many cameras around and added that she was put in the spot and she didn't quite enjoy it. Matt on the other hand found the date interesting and he told her that he had fun. Serena is someone who has always said it like it is. Maybe it's her honesty that made her scored two one-on-one dates with Matt while some girls still hadn't had a chance to spend alone time with him even once. 


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During her first one-on-one date, she told Matt that she wouldn't say that she's falling in love with him but that she's falling in like. On the second date too, which aired on February 15, she wasn't afraid to tell Matt how she felt about tantric yoga. While the actual date was still going on, she was heard saying "we've not reached that point in our relationship yet", referring to the sexual poses. It's this no-nonsense attitude that led to her coming back from that date with a rose, meaning she advanced to the hometown dates. Matt will be meeting her parents in the next episode that will air on February 22. But before that happens, here's all you need to know about Serena's parents. 


Who are 'The Bachelor' star Serena Pitt's parents?

Serena lives with her parents Rasna and Bill Pitt and sister Talia in Unionville, Toronto. Bill and Rasna married on September 16, 1995, according to the former's Facebook page. His latest post was made in December 2020 where he wrote, "As her Dad I couldn’t stop her so I might as well support her!" Bill is a senior managing director for investments at Institutional Property Advisers (IPA). His job profile requires him to be "responsible for the origination and execution of institutional investment transactions on a national basis".

Bill finished his education from University of Western Ontario and his bio on the professional networking site reads: "He has 30 years and over $10 billion of transaction experience representing many of the largest public, private, and institutional investors in Canada. Prior to joining IPA, Bill was Senior Vice President of Capital Markets at Colliers International Canada."

Rasna and Bill Pitt (Facebook/rasna.pitt)

Serena has inherited all those good genes from her mother. Rasna's Facebook page is full of photos of their family and she looks absolutely stunning in all of them. The mom of two daughters takes extreme pride in knowing that there's no rivalry whatsoever between Talia and Serena. "Sisterhood of the travelling dress! Love it when they can share clothes, well share and not fight about it! From Prom to the Bachelor," her recent caption read. Rasna, who is of Indian descent, shared a photo of Talia from prom and Serena from the show, both wearing the same outfit. If you want to look at more beautiful pictures featuring the family, head to her page

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