Who is Serena Pitt? Meet the youngest contestant on ‘The Bachelor’ who might have won Matt James' heart

Serena Pitt may be the youngest contestant on 'The Bachelor', but turns out, she stands a good chance at winning the season

                            Who is Serena Pitt? Meet the youngest contestant on ‘The Bachelor’ who might have won Matt James' heart
Serena Pitt (ABC)

The new season of 'The Bachelor' promises to be as dramatic as ever and, in all honesty, we're excited. The premiere episode saw some pretty interesting first impressions. This could only mean there's more drama yet to come. If you've been snooping around 'The Bachelor' nation threads online, then you know for a fact that a ton of rumors are already afloat, regarding which contestants have made it to the top four.


In case you haven't, consider this a potential spoiler of sorts — apparently, Serena Pitt makes the cut this season. Wondering what puts her in the top spot? Here's a glimpse at all we know about here to help you figure it out.

What does Serena do for a living?

At 22, Serena happens to be the youngest contestant on this season of 'The Bachelor', but don't let that fool you. She's gunning for the title, according to online source Reality Steve, a renowned Bachelor nation blog. But rumors aside, she is definitely a bit of a romantic, seeing that her ABC bio states that she's always been a believer that no matter what age, when you know, you know.

A publicist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she's an alumna of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. Serena has always led a disciplined life and has never really made time or room for love, up until now that is. Looks like Serena is all ready to find the man of her dreams. The question is, is she the woman for Matt James? According to online rumors she might just be! Make of that what you will!

Does Serena have an Instagram account?

Serena is on Instagram and goes by the handle @serena_pitt. By the looks of her profile, she seems to be big on travel and food.

What kind of man is Serena looking for?


Serena prioritizes spending quality time with her man, be it drinking beer at a low-key bar or sitting courtside at a Toronto Raptors' game, according to her bio. She does have a hard and fast rule though, that being her man, he has to be willing to share his food with her, "If they don't let me taste their food, I don't know if the relationship could survive," is what she has to say.

One thing is for sure, Serena is definitely looking for a foodie. She is looking for someone with ambition, passion and drive — for them to have fun and grow together as people.

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