'The Bachelor' Season 26: Fans say Shanae being sent home is 'better than sex'

'The Bachelor' Season 26: Fans say Shanae being sent home is 'better than sex'
Shanae on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

If you've been watching Season 26 of 'The Bachelor', then you know that there is one person who is singlehandedly bringing out all the crazy in everyone -- Shanae. With her constant planning and plotting, fans have grown tired of her antics, while Clayton can't seem to see through her lies.

With Shanae's drama having sent women like Elizabeth and Sierra home, she was now determined to add Genevieve to that list. However, her reign of terror seems to have ended, seeing that with Clayton giving Genevieve the rose, sending Shanae home.


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And while Clayton finally saw through Shanae's drama, the women on the cast were elated to see her go finally. Gabby announced that "they made it and beat out evil", while Marlena cheered on "curing the herpes outbreak." The ladies even toasted to Shanae leaving, while saying "ding-dong, the shrimp is dead." While talking about Clayton, Shanae was not that thrilled and blamed men like Clayton for her being single and even stated, "f**k that guy". 

With Shanae finally send home, fans joked that Clayton finally was allowed to let go of her. "I guarantee the producers had a BLAST shooting Shanae and all her wild antics. Despite her being a questionable person she makes great television. #TheBachelor" tweeted a fan. "The producers finally let Clayton end the madness! #TheBachelor #byebye #shanae" added another.





Other fans were just glad to see her go. "Shanae being sent home is better than sex. Evil crazy bitch #TheBachelor" tweeted a fan. "Praise GOD. It is NOT the Shanae show PERIODT so take yo Lame sorry ass on Biatch!!!! Lmao #TheBachelor He finally saw the light … geeesh took him long enough….Like most men" tweeted a fan. "Shanae deserved every ounce of heartbreak she just received. She is a terrible human being #TheBachelor" noted another. "Okay producers none of these women better become 1/2 of what Shanae was! We need to see healthy competition from here on out! #TheBachelor" noted another. 









However, not everyone was glad to see her leave, seeing that some fans agreed that Shanae made the show interesting to watch. 
"I'm gonna miss Shanae. She kept it interesting. #TheBachelor" announced another. "tbh ill miss shanae… #TheBachelor" said another. 





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