Who are Kim and Darrell Kirkconnell? Meet 'The Bachelor' star Rachael's parents who defended her amid racism row

Rachael's mom has strongly stood by her side throughout all the racism allegations and said that her daughter had nothing to do with it

                            Who are Kim and Darrell Kirkconnell? Meet 'The Bachelor' star Rachael's parents who defended her amid racism row
'The Bachelor' star Rachael Kirkconnell's parents Darrell and Kim Kirkconnell (Facebook/Darrell Kirkconnell)

'The Bachelor' is past its halfway mark and it's the last couple of episodes remaining before the finale airs where Rachael Kirkconnell will possibly become the new winner of the season after Matt James chooses her as "the one", well at least momentarily. Rachael isn't exactly a darling among fans of the show. Rachael became the center of controversy due to her alleged racist acts, which came to light a week after Season 25 started airing. 

Since then, it's been hell for this 20-something graphic designer from Cumming, Georgia. The hate for her online reached full throttle after an episode that aired two weeks ago. Matt took her out for a one-on-one date and treated her like royalty, those red-bottom Louboutins became a subject of envy among the rest of the women and so did the many bags that she came toting on her arms after her date. However, Rachael was being torn apart on social media after fans accused her of racist behavior, where an old photo of her at an 'Antebellum-themed party' started circulating.


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Rachael apologized to everyone and owned up to her mistakes via her Instagram page a couple of days ago, but fans say it's a little too late. Much drama has ensued around Rachael and even host Chris Harrison became a casualty after he was accused of defending Rachael during an interview. He apologized for "perpetuating racism" and stepped away from the series temporarily. Rachael's parents, too, have invited the ire of their daughter's actions and it is touted to get worst after they appear on the episode next week when Matt will be seen interacting with them during hometown date. Here's what you should know about Rachael's parents before you're introduced to them in the next episode. 

Who are Rachael Kirkconnell's parents?

Rachael grew up in Cumming where her parents Darrell and Rachael raised her. Darrell had to delete his LinkedIn profile in the wake of all the hate directed towards his family after Rachael's photos from an Antebellum plantation-themed party where attendees were celebrating the old South went viral. However, a Sun report states that he is an IT professional. 

All information from Rachael's mother Kim's Facebook page has been wiped clean except for some basic information including the city where she originally is from. However, she is active on Instagram and even defended Rachael against an angry fan in a couple of comments.

'The Bachelor' star Rachael Kirkconnell's parents Darrell and Kim Klosterman Kirkconnell (Facebook/Darrell Kirkconnell)

"She went to another high school," Kim typed out referring to a TikTok user name Maddy Bierster who first outed Rachael for "bullying" her for "liking Black guys". Kim's comment continued, "she made all of this up for your attention. And you attack someone whose only evidence is that she liked a pic of a girl who was in a frat house that had a confederate flag. It’s totally ridiculous," according to TV Shows Ace. Kim further added, "Rachael never bullied that girl for liking Black men."

“We are against the Confederate flag. I just don’t understand how you can say she or anyone in her family agrees with the Confederate flag because she ‘liked’ a pic of her friend. The ‘like’ had nothing to do with her liking the Confederate flag,” Kim continued.

Trinity and Greyson Kirkconnell (Facebook/Darrell Kirkconnell)

“We do not support racism of any kind. It is 100 percent wrong. All people should be treated fairly and with dignity, love and kindness," she added. Apart from Darrell and Kim, Bachelor Nation fans will also possibly meet Rachael's sister Trinity who she described as her "in-built best friend" who currently lives in Atlanta, and her brother Greyson. 

"Even though we’ve only seen a trailer for next week, I would NOT be comfortable in Rachael’s home. Every Black person knows that feeling when they’re being racially judged. I got those vibes just from watching her parents speak for 3 seconds. #TheBachelor," a fan wrote on Twitter after the hometown dates preview aired at the end of the February 15 episode. "Also the preview already makes me wonder how you are comfortable possibly marrying Rachael based off her parents comments #TheBachelorABC," wrote another tweet. "I can’t wait to hate watch Rachael’s parents next week. #TheBachelor," read another tweet. "I really want to see Matt interact with Rachael’s parents. Certain things you really can’t fake. #TheBachelor," another fan wrote. 






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