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'The Bachelor': Victoria Larson's 'a** smack' poem to Katie Thurston's kiss, here's all the erotica for Matt James

The show asked the suitresses to write and read erotic poems about Matt and while most of the dirty talk was censored on TV, nobody could stop laughing
UPDATED JAN 19, 2021
Katie Thurston, Matt James and Victoria Larson on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)
Katie Thurston, Matt James and Victoria Larson on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

'The Bachelor' got a little more risque than it already is in the January 18 episode. Matt James is a shy guy, at least he comes across as one. He's also new to this whole 'dating multiple women' game and he's getting better at it. To challenge and push him further, host Chris Harrison decided to get himself involved in deciding the premise of the group date. A small group of women were asked to enter a dark room with Matt in tow and all they could hear is a woman narrate a very passionate experience. None of them could hold their laughter until Harrison stepped in and explained that they all had to write down the fantasies they have for Matt in the form of an erotic poem and read it out to him as well as the rest of the women who are vying for the Bachelor's heart.

The women got to work immediately. Everyone watching from home initially thought that Katie Thurston would give it her best because she's very open about how sex-positive she is and she also walked in on night one with a vibrator in hand. Not many expected much from the rest of the women but they were proved wrong once their words began to be masked by censor beeps. "Matt picked up Katie, eager to kiss her," Thurston began saying but the rest of the words were too much to be put on television. The ladies in the audience were flush red and had to fan themselves to calm down.

Serena Pitt reacts to Katie Thurston's poem on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

Victoria Larson aka Queen Victoria also showed off her writing skills and even though her poem was apparently "cringey", the rest of the girls did have a fun time listening to what she had written. "The king and queen were celebrating their royal engagement. He kissed her neck and smacked her a** hard...." she read. She even did a little moan and this had the rest of the women spit out their drinks laughing while Matt himself couldn't stop laughing out the loudest. This was possibly the very first time that Victoria was the favorite in the room and everyone was cheering for her. Rachael Kirkconnell, Anna Redman and Lauren too did their best with their words, leaving everyone in fits. 

Fans watching from home found it hilarious to see the women shed all their inhibitions and verbalize all their sensual desires via their poems. "Deceased after Katie read her 75% bleeped out erotic letter to the whole Bachelor 25 class. Then resurrected and re-deceased as the queen somehow cringingly tops it with her erotic royal fan fiction," wrote a fan about Thurston and Victoria's performance. "I wanna know Victoria’s erotic story word for word. Everyone’s reaction was just too good #thebachelor," wrote another fan who was left wanting more. "As much as I hate Victoria that was a solid erotic story (for as much as we could hear)," wrote another. "I want, no - I NEED, the full unedited transcript of vibrator Katie’s erotic novel," read another tweet. 

Jessenia reacts to Katie's erotic poem on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)





'The Bachelor' airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.