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'The Amazing Race' Season 34 Full Cast List: Meet the daredevils vying for $1 million

CBS' adventurous show 'The Amazing Race' will also feature some famous personalities
The cast of 'The Amazing Race' on CBS (Instagram/sharikgeneve)
The cast of 'The Amazing Race' on CBS (Instagram/sharikgeneve)

CBS is wasting no time in bringing the next season of the most loved adventurous reality drama, 'The Amazing Race'. After a delay due to Covid-19 restrictions, the show is back with its 34th season and is set to bring in a lot of fun elements to keep the audience hooked to the show. 

'The Amazing Race' Season 34 premieres on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 10/9c on CBS. Packed with exciting, adventurous, and fun elements Phil Keoghan is coming back with 24 new faces. These contestants will be divided into 2 teams, with 12 in each group. The winners will take home a cash prize of $1M. Scroll down to take a broad look at the cast members.


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1. Astha Lal and Nina Duong

Astha Lal is a 33-year-old VP of Operations while Nina Duong, 34, is the Director of Business Development. Astha and Nina are a couple and are engaged. They live together in Marina Del Rey, California. The couple believes that even though they will not be physically threatening to the opponents, they will definitely try to defend them.


2. Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert

Emily Bushnell is a Law Firm Administrator, while Molly Sinert is a Healthcare Administrator. Both are 36 years old identical twins. Born in South Korea, Molly was adopted by an American family and grew up in Florida. Emily, on the other hand, grew up in an American family living in Philadelphia. The sisters, seperated at birth, got reunited after 36 years. "I was robbed of the last 36 years of a life that I could have had with my twin", says Bushnell. 


3. Abby Garrett and Will Freeman

Abby Garrett, 24, Data Scientist while Will Freeman, 25, is an accountant. They are childhood sweethearts and have been together for eight years now. The couple lives in Birmingham, Alabama. It was dream come true for Abby and Will when they got the call from the show.


4. Aubrey Ares and David Hernandez

Aubrey Ares is 29 years old Dance Studio Owner, whereas David Hernandez, 29, is a Helicopter Mechanic. The couple is from Los Angeles, California, and has a keen interest in Latin dance. The couple met for the first time at Aubrey's dance studio. 


5. Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss

Derek Xiao is a 24-year-old Product Manager and Claire Rehfuss, 25, works as an AI Engineer. Both are reality stars as well and were previously seen in 'Big Brothers'. The couple is currently dating and is excited to be on 'The Amazing Race' Season 34.


6. Glenda Matthews and Lumumba Roberts

Glenda Matthews, 41, is Insurance Underwriter. On the other hand, Lumumba Roberts, 41, is a Middle School Teacher. The couple married recently and lives in Norcross, Georgia. Glenda calls herself an organic person who takes decisions in a second. Lumumba, however, has a detailed personality. The couple is looking forward to exploring how to fit in together.


7. Luis Colon and Michelle Burgos

Luis Colon, 34, and his wife Michelle Burgos, 34, share Latin blood and live in Miami, Florida. Luis works as a firefighter, while, Michelle works as a dancer and is willing to perform some adventurous stunts on the show. 


8. Linton and Sharik Atkinson

Linton is a 50-year-old Assistant Principal while his daughter Sharik Atkinson, 23, is a master's student. The father-daughter duo is from Brooklyn, New York. Their strategy is to bring good communication and balance. Linton claims that his daughter is a thinker and he is the executor.


9. Marcus and Michael Craig

Marcus, 38, works as an Army Tank Commander, and Michael Craig, 30, is an Air Force Fighter Pilot. These military brothers are heroes to each other. Marcus lives in Richmond Hill, Georgia, while Michael lives in Alomogodro, New Mexico. They are both mentally and physically ready to face the upcoming challenges.


10. Quinton Peron and Mattie Lynch

Quinton Peron, 29, is a choreographer, and Mattie Lynch, 27, is a dance coach. The best friends are former Rams cheerleaders and currently live in California. Their focused attitude and energetic personality are their strengths.


11. Tim Mann and Rex Ryan

Tim Mann, 40, is Probation Officer, and Rex Ryan, 59, is ESPN Analyst. Yes, you heard it right, it's Rex Ryan, the former head coach of Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. He is currently NFL's "Sunday Countdown" analyst. Both, Tim and Rex, are golf buddies from Brentwood, Tennessee. They have been best friends for 6-7 years and have come to the show with the strategy of team building.


12. Rich Kuo and Dom Jones

Rich Kuo, 32, is a life coach and Dom Jones, 35, a gym owner. They have been partners for almost 3 years now and live together in Huntington Beach, California. Rich and Dom are motivational speakers and have come to the show with the strategy of spreading love.


The start point of the race in 'The Amazing Race' Season 34 will be in Munich, Germany. and the finish line of the race is to be in Nashville. The cast members will be seen taking private jets, boats, busses, and even chartered planes while traveling to the spots. The places covered in this season will be Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Jordan, and Iceland. According to the host of the show, Phil Keoghan, there are also going to be a few "game-changing elements".

'The Amazing Race' will release on CBS on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.