'The Amazing Race' Season 33: Who's in Top 3? Teams realize there's a TWIST in the tale

'The Amazing Race' Season 33: Who's in Top 3? Teams realize there's a TWIST in the tale
Raquel Moore, Penn Holderness, Ryan Ferguson, and Natalia Kumar in 'The Amazing Race' Season 33 (CBS)

We are in the final stage of ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33 and only four teams were left on the show when the episode started. In the previous episode, we saw Lulu and Lala getting eliminated from the show making things even more interesting. The teams are in the last leg of Greece and they would have to be at their ultimate best to make it to the top 3.

The teams are still in Greece and they will be traveling to the city of Thessaloniki for their next task. Once again, it was Kim-Penn who reached there first and began the task. The teams would have to reach an ancient-looking open theatre to find gold coins for their next clue. Easy, isn’t it? However, the theatre is filled with huge rocks and teams would have to turn over the stones in order to find the gold coin.


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Raquel-Cayla and Ryan-Dusty were the second and third to reach the theatre. Arun and Natalia reached there as well. Every team was finding it difficult to find the gold coin. Kim literally had her hand on one of the stones that was engraved with a gold coin, but she didn’t turn it over. The task went on for more than an hour but the teams were not able to find anything.

It was Raquel who found the gold coin first and then it was Kim. So, the teams of Raquel-Cayla and Kim-Penn were in the first and second position while the other two teams were still struggling to find the gold coin. Finally, it was Arun-Natalia who turned out to be the third team to find the coin.

A still from 'The Amazing Race' Season 33 (CBS)


For the next task, the teams went to Trigonion Tower and heard Socrates telling them some philosophical teachings. Now, the teams must travel to Jasmine Café and do the next task of breaking the plates or delivering them. If they choose to break the plates, they would need to break a pile of plates to get the next clue and reach the pit stop.

Raquel-Cayla chose to smash the plates and finished the task in the first place. Meanwhile, Kim and Penn were second to finish it. So, at the pit-stop, it was Raquel-Cayla who finished first and Kim-Penn were second.

Elsewhere, Ryan and Dusty were not even able to complete the “gold coin” task by then. Arun-Natalia was still looking for Trigonion Tower. It took Ryan-Dusty three hours to complete the task.

In the last task, it was Arun-Natalia who smashed the plates first and finished the task but Ryan and Dusty were amazing as well. In the end, it was Arun-Natalia who reached the pit-stop in the third place and reached the top 3.

Ryan and Dusty have also been saved because it was a non-elimination leg.

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