'The Amazing Race' Season 33: Are Ryan, Dusty safe? Team's boat capsizes during task

'The Amazing Race' Season 33: Are Ryan, Dusty safe? Team's boat capsizes during task
Ryan and Dusty in 'The Amazing Race' Season 33 (CBS)

Season 33 of ‘The Amazing Race’ continues to entertain viewers with exciting tasks and last week, we literally saw the teams going through one of the most strenuous segments of the ongoing edition. However, it seems things are going to get even more intense as the show progresses.

Last week, we got our Top 5 teams of the ongoing season after Akbar and Sheridan were eliminated from the race. They headed to jump in the water to search for a clue and then return to their partners so that they could reach the pit stop. It was Akbar and Sheridan who reached the spot in the last position. Prior to that, all the teams had to overcome their fears to jump in the water and go down the stream to complete the task.


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In the latest episode, the teams are once again on the boats for a task and they need to collect a certain kind of fish in a bag so that they can move to the next segment. But it seems the task would turn out to be really hard for Ryan-Dusty as they encounter a dangerous situation.

Are Ryan and Dusty safe? The team’s boat capsizes during task

The task on their hands was to collect the man-made plastic fish of different colors to reach the next stop. While doing the task, the duo decides who’s going to paddle and who will be collecting the fish. Dusty says that he’ll paddle and starts doing so. However, they soon realize that their boat is going down. Dusty says, “We are going under.” A few seconds later they were thrown in the water and the boat turned upside down with the duo trying hard to make things right.

They manage to get the boat in the right position, but it once again gets upside down with Ryan under it and Dusty trying hard to get it back to the original position so that they can sit on it and complete the task. But it's not going to be easy for them. 

Will they be able to complete their task safely? We’ll find out as the episode progresses.

Ryan and Dusty are some of the strongest teams in the race and such incidents will only dent their chances to win the show. 

‘The Amazing Race’ Season 33 returns to CBS with a new episode every Wednesday at 9 pm EST.

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