After U-turns in Laos, 'The Amazing Race' teases a dance-off episode in Vietnam

From barbecuing fish and riding an elephant to learning the alphabet in Laos, the teams are now all set to suit up and dance away at their next destination

                            After U-turns in Laos, 'The Amazing Race' teases a dance-off episode in Vietnam

Season 31 of 'The Amazing Race' saw its first double U-turn of the season on its second episode which aired on April 24. On the new season, the CBS-produced show is having its first-ever reality TV showdown, or "mashup" as host Phil Keoghan likes to call it. With the new episode just around the corner, set to drop on May 1, the Race has teased its viewers with a sneak peek into what may happen next on the show and it definitely looks like a whole lot of fun!

The teaser shows teams at their next destination — Vietnam. After the scenic beauty of Laos in episode two, Vietnam would be a complete change of scene for the contestants, staying true to the unpredictability of the reality series that takes contestants on 2500-mile tours every season for the grand prize of $1 million. While teams had to go through challenges like riding an elephant across a river, barbecuing fish skewers at the local market and learning the Lao alphabet in Laos, Vietnam seems to have a whole new set of tasks for the contestants.



"We love music, dance, challenges," Floyd can be heard saying with an equally-energetic Becca on the teaser video, as teams attempt to dance in black outfits strung with LED lights, complete with a hat of the same kind. 'Survivor' sisters Elissa and Rachel seem to be as dramatic as always, with an unenthusiastic Rachel saying "she's the one who keeps messing up", while Elissa seems to be super hyped and can be heard saying: "I was made for this!"

The Afghanimals don't seem to be doing great on the challenge and unlike their usual high spirited selves, Jamal is seen sighing on the video and saying that he's exhausted, while the trainer demands more "energy and power" from the contestants. 'Afghanimals' Jamal and Leo had won the first two legs of the Race 31 with ease.



The video was shared on social media and fans responded that they are excited and nervous as teams make their way to Vietnam. One of them referred back to when team Tyler and Korey had to dance on their previous season of the Race. The team is a fan-favorite and one of the strongest on the show this season.

Let's wait to find out which of the nine remaining teams will actually dance like nobody is watching in Vietnam. Break a leg, Racers!