'The Amazing Race' season 31 is "fast, furious and feisty": Super host Phil Keoghan talks about the hit show's new season

'The Amazing Race' season 31 is "fast, furious and feisty": Super host Phil Keoghan talks about the hit show's new season

Globe-trotting is something that comes naturally to Phil Keoghan, the much-loved host of 'The Amazing Race'. Right from Senegal to Singapore, name any country and the 51-year-old host of the CBS-produced reality show has been there. The 10-time Emmy Award-winning TV show is all set for its 31st season, and Keoghan is excited to host the first-ever reality TV showdown between past Racers, Castaways from 'Survivor', and Housemates from 'Big Brother'. 

Keoghan, who has been moving around all over the world right from his childhood says that 'The Amazing Race' is a show that is "best suited to his background and skills." He moved from Antigua to New Zealand to Canada and then the US, and has traveled to more than 120 countries. Talking to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) in an exclusive interview, Keoghan shared a valuable bit of advice he has for fans.



"I have literally spent my life traveling," Keoghan said. He added that a big part of what he does is to motivate people to do things in their own lives and that, is his "favorite part about the Amazing Race."

Keoghan does not collect souvenirs or trinkets at the end of his trips, partly because he does not get the time to go collecting stuff or to shop. "I collect memories and hopefully good TV, and leave the trinkets behind," he said. Unable to pick his favorite travel memory, Keoghan named a few off the top of his head: "Oh, so many, so many (Memories)! Climbing the world's longest underwater cave, breaking a world record bungee jumping, biking around France, when I was a kid I drove to every national park in North America, spent nine weeks in a Volkswagon camper van — so many memories and trips; it's impossible to pick one."

Although Keoghan spends most of his time in the US now, he never misses out on mentioning his Kiwi roots. Speaking about a traditional Maori pendant that can be seen around his neck in all the seasons of the Race, he said that it was first given to him by a Maori friend when he had just come to the US. The fishhook-shaped pendant is based on the legend that the island of New Zealand used to be a big fish, and was pulled out of the ocean by a mariner using a similar fishhook. 




Ever since he got the gift, he has been wearing it. "Actually not the same one, I have a collection," he laughed. The pendants are generally carved out of bones from whales which are washed ashore, although variations are aplenty. The one Keoghan was gifted was in jade. 

"The pendant is one that is supposed to provide protection and success to somebody, and to provide safety over water," he said. He also noted that the pendant is not be bought, it is always gifted to someone. "It's kind of nice, isn't it?" came a thought after a short pause. 




Ahead of his 31st expedition with 'The Amazing Race', Keoghan also had a piece of advice for the contestants. He emphasized that Racers should enjoy destinations while they last and enjoy the beauty of cultural differences instead of simply comparing them. He further said that the upcoming season's Reality TV mashup was something that the fanbase had been requesting for a long time now. Describing the upcoming season in three words, Keoghan alliterated: "Fast, furious and feisty!"

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