How two teams aced 'The Amazing Race 31's first surprise double U-turn and stayed in the race

How two teams aced 'The Amazing Race 31's first surprise double U-turn and stayed in the race

Leaving Japan's most crowded city behind, the ten teams on 'The Amazing Race' season 31 flew to scenic Laos for the second leg of the Race, where the teams had to face their first double U-turn of the season while picking up clues from beneath a tree near the Mekong river. Emotions and desperation took over as two of the teams were thrown into the double U-turn. Surprisingly, both the teams made it through the detours quite smoothly and were not left behind in the course of the Race.

Becca Droz and Floyd Pierce (Photo credit: CBS)


Sisters Rachel and Elissa got vengeful while picking a team for the double U-turn, having no regard whatsoever for the fact that this might have been a chance for them to throw off track the stronger, leading teams in the Race. They went for team Fun -- Becca and Floyd -- as the team had left the sisters behind as they raced to catch a flight out of Tokyo, to Laos. 



Team Fun, disappointed as they saw their names up for the double U-turn and desperate to save themselves, paid heed to the Afghanimals, who are always on their toes and loved by fans for doing whatever it takes to lead in the Race, suggesting that team Fun double U-turn Tyler and Korey.

The team, one of the strongest on TAR, were not surprised when they saw that they had been U-turned. While other teams chose between two detours -- either butcher some ducks and barbecue fish in the local market or learn the Lao alphabet in a school and get judged by the kids there. The double U-turned teams must do both, and before we knew it, the two teams were out to finish the challenges. 


Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl (Photo credit: CBS)


Tyler and Korey learned the Lao alphabet and also had fun while they were at it, finishing just after Corinne and Eliza. Becca and Floyd, who went for the barbecue detour first, formed an alliance with the Afghanimals and finished third.

The teams went for their detour challenges, and team Fun finished learning the Lao alphabet in the eighth place while Tyler and Korey streaked through the barbecue, coming in the last place after the detour. But Team Fun was relieved as they tuk-tuked ahead of a few other teams and raced to the Road Block with refreshingly positive energy.

Tyler and Korey also made it past a few teams in their tuk-tuk and also made it through the elephant ride challenge without much difficulty, finishing seventh on the second leg of the Race. This doesn't come as a surprise since the team of YouTubers and fellow podcasters is known for how well they did on TAR season 28. Becca struggled with her elephant ride but team Fun still made it through in the ninth place, as 'Survivor' legends Rupert and Laura got eliminated from the Race. 

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