'The Amazing Race' sees 'Survivor's Chris and Bret limp past speed bump in leg 4 while Corinne and Eliza get eliminated

The episode, dubbed 'I Took Out A Polar Bear', saw difficult detours and some intense drama from 'Survivor's Corinne and Eliza, who finally get eliminated

                            'The Amazing Race' sees 'Survivor's Chris and Bret limp past speed bump in leg 4 while Corinne and Eliza get eliminated

The remaining nine teams on the Race, including lucky 'Survivor' duo Chris and Bret who remained on the show after the Non-elimination Leg (NEL), stayed back in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City for the fourth leg. The team was expected to complete a Speed Bump on this leg since they were saved by the NEL last episode. Team Fun's Becca and Floyd were first to depart for their next destination, Saigon, after winning the third leg of the Race. The episode, dubbed 'I Took Out A Polar Bear', saw difficult detours and some more intense drama from 'Survivor's Corinne and Eliza. 

Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins (Photo credit: CBS)

Heading to their first challenge at Snow Town, Corinne and Eliza were already miffed that the 'Survivor' teams aren't better than 'Big Brother' teams on TAR 31. Corinne and Eliza have sworn enmity with the Afghanimals and took on 'Big Brother's Victor in the last episode. After spending the night at Snow Town, the teams sled down a snow hill in the morning to snag their next clue. Teams then had to go to the College Transportation Center for their next clue, and Chris and Bret got hit by the Speed Bump — to fill a cooler full of snowballs and transport them to the College Transportation Center.

Meanwhile, Corinne and Eliza got into a snarky battle for a taxi with 'Big Brother's Rachel and Elissa. The 'Survivor' team lagged behind as their cab diver got lost on the way. After finally arriving at the College Transportation Center, teams had to face the Road Block — to earn a scooter license by completing a training course. Jamal went first for the 'Afghanimals', followed by Elissa for Rachel and Elissa. Nicole and Victor reached the Road Block third. Elissa could be heard saying "Luckily I have major balance," as she started riding, but it sure looked like the teams desperately needed some training wheels!

With many of the teams struggling to get a cab to the Road Block, Chris and Bret used it to their advantage, snagging a taxi before other teams. The Afghanimals progressed first to reach the Detour, where they had to either paddle a basket boat and collect fish or build an irrigation wheel under the watchful eye of a local farmer. Rachel and Elissa followed the Afghanimals to the irrigation wheel challenge, while Tyler and Korey and Corinne and Eliza struggled to complete the scooter challenge.

Chris Hammons and Bret Labelle

As Tyler and Korey moved ahead and raced to the Detour, Corinne and Eliza went to the last place and Eliza couldn't stop weeping. At the irrigation wheel challenge, Rachel and Elissa and the Afghanimals were almost done but had some hurdles to overcome. In this time, Victor and Nicole moved to the first place, heading to the Pit Stop at Tam Vu Park. The team was closely followed by Colin and Christie, who overtook them as the race to the finish line was by foot. The couple, finished before Victor and Nicole, and won a trip for two to the Dominican Republic. Once again, Victor and Nicole finished in second place, followed by Chris and Bret in third place! The 'Survivor' team has definitely made a comeback!

Rachel and Elissa lagged behind at the irrigation wheel, while Corinne and Eliza finally arrived at the Detour. Things get ugly as the teams passed up snide comments at each other. As Rachel and Elissa finished up, Corinne and Eliza did too, and it was a battle to the finish line. Rachel and Elissa got their first and Corinne and Eliza were eliminated from the race. The bitter duo despised Rachel and Elissa and said they would never talk to them again! Becca and Floyd finished fourth, followed by Tyler and Korey, Leo and Jamal, Janelle and Britney, and Rachel and Elissa in eighth place.

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