Leg two of 'The Amazing Race' was mostly about the face-off between the leading Afghanimals and 'Survivor's Corinne and Eliza?

Leg two of 'The Amazing Race' was mostly about the face-off between the leading Afghanimals and 'Survivor's Corinne and Eliza?

As the second episode of 'The Amazing Race' season 31 came to an end, we saw the ten teams race between scenic temples, riverbanks, and forests of Laos. The teams started off by making offerings to monks while drums were beaten at the temple, before racing to barbecue fish, learn the Lao alphabet at a school, and ride elephants across the Mekong river. This second leg of the Race was especially fun because of the scenic beauty and rich culture of Laos, which was brought out through the various challenges the teams had to face.



While most teams were entertaining and kept the episode interesting throughout, two of the teams were especially engaging as they went on a bitter race against each other; TAR's Leo and Jamal, aka the Afghanimals, and 'Survivor's Corinne and Eliza were at each other's throats for most of the episode. The spat started with Corinne and Eliza trying to slow down the tuk-tuk in which the Afghanimals were traveling, by running in front of it. The friends from 'Survivor' succeeded in doing so and moved ahead of the Afghanimals. To this, Leo and Jamal, popular amongst fans for their blunt and often abrasive remarks and tactics on the Race, said that Corinne and Eliza were "snakes from 'Survivor'". Explaining themselves, Corinne and Eliza said that the Afghanimals "seemed like the most fun" when they watched them on TV but turns out, they aren't all that "fun, helpful or nice".

Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins (Photo credit: CBS)


Moving forward on the Race, Leo and Jamal continued doing whatever it would take to help them finish this leg of the Race at the head of the competition after they had come first in Tokyo too.

At the double U-turn, the team convinced Becca and Floyd to U-turn Tyler and Korey, since the team is a threat to the Afghanimals' chance of winning the $1 million prize. They finished their next challenge of barbecuing fish on skewers second, as Corinne and Eliza concurrently finished their task of learning the Lao alphabet. 

With the teams once again neck and neck, Leo and Jamal could be heard saying "we are cool with everyone except the 'Survivor' girls" as they rushed to the Road Block. Corinne and Eliza followed closely behind. The spat continued at the Road Block too, where each team sent a member to ride an elephant. Leo told Victor that they can help 'Big Brother' but not 'Survivor' and called Corinne and Eliza "sneaky snakes" again! 


Corinne and Eliza lagged a bit after the Road Block and moved back to the sixth place by the end of leg two of the Race. Leo and Jamal finished the Race's second leg first, despite Nicole and Victor finishing the Road Block first. The brothers were overjoyed; looks like nothing can stop the Afghanimals!

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