With the Afghanimals not around, Corinne and Eliza target Big Brother’s Victor on 'The Amazing Race' 31

With the Afghanimals not around, Corinne and Eliza target Big Brother’s Victor on 'The Amazing Race' 31

The third leg of 'The Amazing Race' saw the remaining nine teams racing from Laos to Vietnam, where they had to pick between Detours of fishing for prawns or learning a dance routine, followed by a RoadBlock where teams had to learn a Vietnamese song. Survivor's Corinne and Eliza were tricked by the Afghanimals at the beginning of the leg and were given wrong directions to the medicine house, from where teams had to pick up a bag of herbal remedies from a doctor. 

The spat between Corinne and Eliza and past Racers and one of the strongest teams, Leo and Jamal, had started on episode two of the Race season 31 when Corinne and Eliza tried to slow down the brothers' tuk-tuk by moving slowly in front of it. The Afghanimals were furious and tagged Corinne and Eliza the "Survivor Snakes". “They were throwing their bodies in front of the tuk-tuk,” Jamal said. “Maybe that’s what they teach you on ‘Survivor.’ How to run like a snake so you don’t get a blow dart.”

Explaining themselves, Corinne and Eliza said the Afghanimals "seemed like the most fun" when they watched them on TV but turns out, they aren't all that "fun, helpful or nice". With their sworn enemies Afghanimals nowhere to be seen during the Vietnamese karaoke Roadblock, Corinne and Eliza found a new target for their spite on leg three of the Race. 

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo (Photo credit: CBS)

Before performing the song to get the approval of a famous karaoke artist, the racers got to practice their songs in a backroom. Big Brother's Victor Arroyo, who was practicing at a normal volume was interrupted by Eliza's loud singing and decided to just leave and perform the song. Eliza smirked after this, as she accomplished her goal of annoying Victor. 


“Eliza showed up and she’s yelling nonstop,” Victor said. “So, I decided to get out of there fast.” Victor and Nicole were in second place at the end of episode three, just behind Becca and Floyd aka team Fun. 

Corinne and Eliza finished the third leg of the Race fifth, while Leo and Jamal came eighth.

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