'The A List' Season 2 Ending Explained: Will Midge be reborn in 'blood sister' Mia?

'The A List' is a British supernatural drama that centres around a group of teens on Peregrine Island

                            'The A List' Season 2 Ending Explained: Will Midge be reborn in 'blood sister' Mia?
Lisa Ambalavanar stars in 'The A List' (YouTube)

Spoiler Alert for 'The A List' Season 2

Midge (Indianna Ryan) may have crawled her way back from the dead in Season 1 of 'The A List.' But her second lease on life is a short one. To be able to cling to life, she needs another body to take over to give her the energy she needs to go on. Now that she and Amber (Ellie Duckles) are seperate entities, Midge's perfect target is Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) who has returned to Peregrine Island to save her friends. Mia is also Midge's former friend turned foe. 

In the process of trying to track down Mia, Midge uses the energy of Mia's friends to keep her going, reducing Jenna (Eleanor Bennett), Petal (Georgina Sadler) and Zac (Jack Kane) to lifeless beings. Mia finally tired of the destruction and sadness Midge is creating in an attempt to keep her life going, confronts Midge and offers up her body once and for all. Just before Midge is about to take over her body, Mia pricks her finger on a thorn and reminds Midge of the time that they were blood sisters.

At the same time, Alex (Rosie Dwyer) and the others find the source of animosine, the chemical that has kept Midge alive all this time, and cut it off at its source. It's at this juncture that Midge realises that she is in fact dead and is now ready to let go. 


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We then see Mia gratefully look for all her friends. She finds out to her great relief that after Midge has chosen to die peacefully, they have all come back to life as well. Everyone seems to have found their happily ever afters as well. We see Mia and Dev rekindle their romance. Alex and Petal, Jenna and Harry (Benjamin Nugent) also find their happily ever afters.

We then see the group meet on the mainland looking happy and fulfilled at the way things have turned out. Even Amber (Ellie Duckles) gets a chance to live like a normal person and not have her future intertwined with Midge's fate. But is everything in fact as happy as it seems?

At one point Mia says all that everyone wants is to be real and have a second chance at happiness. The way she says it makes us wonder if Midge somehow still lives on in Mia. Does the fact that they are blood sisters ensure that a part of Midge still lives on in Mia?

Adding to the spookiness, we see a last glimpse of Peregrine Island, where we see that the animosine seems to be bubbling to the surface again and we also hear strains of old 1930's music. It sounds very much like the background music to the realm that Midge occupied when she was trapped in Amber's body. Fans of 'The A List' will have to wait till the next season, if there is one, to find out if Midge does in fact live on. Since Season 3 of 'The A List', hasn't yet been confirmed yet, it might be quite a long wait.

Season 2 of 'The A List' premiered on June 25 on Netflix.