'The A List' Season 2: Did Mia know Midge from before Peregrine Island, were they 'blood sisters'?

'The A List' Season 2: Did Mia know Midge from before Peregrine Island, were they 'blood sisters'?
Lisa Ambalavanar stars as Mia on 'The A List' (IMDB)

Spoilers ahead for 'The A List' Season 2

If you've often wondered why Midge (Indianna Ryan), the unpopular girl at camp on spooky teen drama 'The A List', held such a grudge against the queen bee of the group Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) which came out in a number of rather mind-bending ways in Season 1, well Season 2 has a lot more insights on that front. 

In Season 2 of 'The A List' we see Mia get frustrated with Midge even at her own peril, when Midge talks about how awful Mia was to her. Mia thinks that Midge's overreaction to typical teen mean girl drama, has been blown out of proportion, considering the mess it has landed so many people in now. It's then that it comes to light, that Mia's memory was wiped out by Amber (Ellie Duckles) in whose body Midge was trapped and any memory of who Midge really was to Mia has gone along with it. We then get to see through a flashback that growing up as little girls Mia and Midge were best friends, in fact 'blood sisters', pricking their fingers and placing them together. It's a bond however that would mean less and less to Mia, as Midge and Mia then went to separate schools. As Mia became pretty and popular, she began leaving Midge behind. If you're liking the sound of all this dark teen drama then perhaps shows like 'Stranger Things' and 'Riverdale' will also be of interest.



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When Mia and Midge both met up again at Peregrine Island for a summer camp, Mia wasn't just mean to Midge, she pretended she didn't even know her. She went out of her way to exclude Midge from parties or any kind of social gatherings.

Midge, it seems, after falling off a cliff and then becoming entrapped in the body of Amber through a number of mind-boggling incidents, used Amber's pretty blonde exterior to make Mia feel exactly the way Midge did, disliked, confused, lost and alone. But will Midge now finally be able to forgive Mia until they at least get off the island in one piece or will she use her superpowers on her former 'blood sister' as she has on Amber?


You can find out by watching Season 2 of 'The A List' which premiered on Netflix on June 25. 

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