'The A List' Season 2: Could Midge be a villain? Here's what her surprise resurrection means

'The A List' is a spooky British teen drama that centers around the supernatural occurrences on Peregrine Island

                            'The A List' Season 2: Could Midge be a villain? Here's what her surprise resurrection means
Indianna Ryan as Midge in 'The A List' (Netflix)

There's nothing that can bond two former rivals together faster than a common enemy and that may in fact be the case for teen rivals Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) and Amber (Ellie Duckles) in the upcoming season of 'The A List'. The spooky teen drama, which returns to Netflix for a second season on June 25, ended with a shocker of a finale in Season 1 when the character Midge (Indianna Ryan) believed to be long dead had a surprise resurrection. 

With Midge now back in the mortal realm, what does that mean for Mia and Amber in particular? After all, Amber was created after Midge suffered a brain injury on Peregrine Island. Animosine, a chemical found on the island, entered Midge's bloodstream. When animosine reacted with Midge's surgical procedure, Amber began to emerge. This explains Amber's spooky mind-bending skills in Season 1 and why she also held such a grudge against the resident popular girl Mia. Midge who occupied Amber's body was the ultimate loner and always made to feel like an outcast. So will Midge now make sure that Mia pays for being a 'mean girl' who would have targeted her in the past and that Amber pays for entrapping Midge in her body? If you're a fan of teen dramas then perhaps other teen shows with a dark edge, such as 'Stranger Things' and 'Riverdale' will be shows that you will enjoy. 


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The question is now that Midge obviously has the powers to come back to life, what are the other powers she possesses and what will she go on to do with them in Season 2. The shadowy scientists who have been studying the happenings at Peregrine Island from afar may also choose to push Midge's powers to the edge as part of a research opportunity. What atrocities can result from Midge's powers being used without restraint? But now that Mia also seems to have developed some superpowers similar to Midge as we see in the trailer of Season 2, could the Mia Midge battle at least start to become one of the equals? Catch the trailer of Season 2 below. 


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