Terrell Harper who racially abused Asian cop threatens to 'f**k up' slain NYPD cop's funeral

Terrell Harper who racially abused Asian cop threatens to 'f**k up' slain NYPD cop's funeral
NYC activist Terrell Harper earlier racially abused an Asian cop (Photo by Instagram/Relly-Rebel)

A New York City activist, Terrell Harper, who was previously caught on camera making racist remarks about an Asian NYPD officer, said he "can't wait" for another cop to die so he can "f**k up" their funeral just days before the city pays tribute to the second of two officers killed during a domestic violence call last week.

He's 39 years old, and he posted a video of his rage on his private Instagram account, @Relly Rebel, on Saturday, a day after a sea of cops swarmed the streets surrounding St Patrick's Cathedral in Midtown for Jason Rivera's burial. The rookie officer was shot and killed on January 21.


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"That'd have been a wet dream to f*** that funeral up, bro,"  Terrell remarked in the video, which has gone viral on social media.


"I can't wait. I'm looking for the next cop funeral. I'm gonna f*** it up, bro. I'm gonna f*** that s**t up."  Terrell remarked on the now-deleted tape, 'That'll make news ASAP.'

Wilbert Mora, Rivera's 27-year-old partner, was critically injured in the incident and died on Tuesday. Terrell's threat to disrupt NYPD funerals on Saturday isn't the first time his words have landed him into trouble. 

According to the New York Post, Harper has been arrested three times before. He was charged with making terroristic threats and threatening in the third degree on December 8, 2020. He was charged with unlawful assembly on June 5, 2020. Det. Vincent Cheung has also filed a civil complaint against him at Manhattan Supreme Court. 

He called the 16-year NYPD veteran a "goddamn cat eater" and inquired if "he can see right," according to the New York Post. As per the video provided by the Detectives Endowment Association, which filed the complaint on Cheung's behalf, he said, "You going to Judo chop me? I don’t give a f*** you are being recorded, too."

Terrell made a number of anti-Asian remarks during a demonstration on March 11, 2021, which were captured on film. His most recent distressing remarks came only days before Wilbert Mora's memorial, which is scheduled for Wednesday at St. Patrick's Cathedral.


When compared to the same period last year, crime in New York City has increased by over 39%. According to the NYPD's latest crime statistics, robberies are up 33% and shootings are up 22.4 percent. A month into Mayor Eric Adams' administration, crime is still on the rise. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Adams ran for mayor of New York City on a platform of public safety.

President Joe Biden will visit New York City on February 3 to meet with city authorities and discuss crime.

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