10 TV sex scenes that horrified viewers: From Black Mirror's pig to THAT GoT scene!

10 TV sex scenes that horrified viewers: From Black Mirror's pig to THAT GoT scene!
There are several sex scenes shown on TV shows that ruined all the fun for their viewers (YouTube)

Sex is a very important part of human beings’ lives because the survival of the species is dependent on it. Not just for survival, it’s a great way of bonding, intimacy, pleasure, and even human growth and healing. Reasons may vary from person to person, but there is no denying if it’s consensual, there is nothing more satisfying than sex.

Hundreds of television shows and movies have portrayed sex scenes as part of the plotline in several ways. While some leave audiences happy and joyful, there are a few which did not leave any stone unturned to make it feel like a nightmare. Here is the list of ten such sex scenes in television shows that horrified their viewers.


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‘Game of Thrones’ - Arya Stark and Gendry

There is no question about the popularity of ‘Game of Thrones’ but what disappointed many of its fans was the sex scene between Arya Stark and Gendry. The main reason behind it was that the audiences had watched Arya grow up on the show. Margaret Constance "Maisie" Williams played the character of Arya -- the third child of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Stark -- since she was a child and it was not bearable for many people to see her fulfill her teenage fantasy.

The romance between Arya Stark and Gendry was unbearable for many fans (YouTube)

A fan tweeted, “That sex scene with arya & gendry was so weird please She’s My Child.” Another one added: “Arya banging gendry sucks, brienne banging jaime sucks, it’s very weird that the only way women can show humanity (!!!!!) or affection for men in GAME OF THRONES is to have sex with them.”




‘Game of Thrones’ -- Jaime and Cersei

‘Game of Thrones' is the master of showing creepy sex scenes. Another pair that was hated by the viewers were Jaime and Cersei, not just because of their negative characterization, but for the illicit relationship between the two. Jaime and Cersei were biologically related to each other, they were siblings, but the intense sexual chemistry between them was a mess for many. Their physical pleasure also almost killed Bran Stark.

Despite being sister and brother, Jaime and Cersei were sexually involved with each other (YouTube)

‘Black Mirror’ – the PM and a pig

‘Black Mirror’ -- an anthology television series by Charlie Brooker -- is surely a mind-boggling one. And the first season proves that as it shows Rory Kinnear, who plays Prime Minister Michael Callow, having sex with a pig. Though the whole thing was not shown to the viewers, it was still disturbing to watch.

Rory Kinnear's character had to do sex with a pig (YouTube)

‘MotherFatherSon’ – Caden and the sex worker

BBC’s 2019 drama ‘MotherFatherSon’ is also famous for its bizarre sex scene, where it showed Billy Howle's character calling a sex worker to his home. But instead of going down and doing the deed, Caden told the woman, “I need you to pretend you know nothing about your body or mine, no knowledge of any kind.” The whole scene was so weirdly shown that it left many of its fans furious.

Caden shown with the sex worker (BBC iPlayer)

One of them tweeted, “That stupid gratuitous sex scene in #MotherFatherSon? It was actually going quite well up to that point, now I feel a bit embarrassed for all concerned.” Another fan noted: “One day actors will have the courage to stop doing such things and may even sue directors for making them do so.  Watched this on my own and was still embarrassed. Cd easily have conveyed the son's perversions without being so explicit.Poor actors.”




'Riverdale’ -- Archie and Veronica

Talk about bad timing. When something bad happens in a family, the normal thing to do is be upset. But no, Riverdale’s creators thought why not make actors do something least expected. Netflix’s six-season drama disappointed many when Archie and Veronica went all steamy just after the former’s dad was shot.

Archie and Veronica in Riverdale (YouTube)


'Friends' has been an iconic show that has hooked several generations since it first aired in 1994. While its fans have mostly no complaints from the show, there are some who did not feel okay when Ross immediately hooked up with someone while he and Rachel were “on a break”. In that particular episode, when Ross justified himself by saying, “It was a mistake, okay? I made a mistake,” Rachel soon fired back, “A mistake? What were you TRYING to put in, her purse?” and many agreed with her.

Rachel and Ross in 'Friends' (YouTube)

‘90210’ - Annie and Liam

Sex between Annie and Liam on ‘90210’ was definitely not expected by many of its fans. When the two hooked up, Annie was still with Liam’s brother, which made it gross and unacceptable.

Annie and Liam in ‘90210’ (YouTube)

‘Riverdale’ - Veronica and Reggie

It seems creators of ‘Riverdale’ have some kind of fantasy with sad situations and sex. In the show when Veronica heard about her parents' divorce, instead of talking it out, she decided to go back to Reggie and have sex. Talk about weird timings!

Veronica and Reggie in Riverdale (YouTube)

‘The O.C’ - Julie and Luke

Taking weirdness to another level, the creators of the 2003 drama -- ‘The O.C’ -- thought it would be different to show Julie sleeping with her daughter's ex-boyfriend Luke, who was still a teen at the time. But instead of impressing, it left its fans feeling disgusted.

Julie And Luke in 'The O.C' (YouTube)

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ - June and Luke

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ has already been declared torture porn. But what left its fans highly disappointed and disturbed is the fact that after eventually escaping her assaulter, Gilead, and meeting her husband -- Luke -- for the first time in seven years in Canada, the unkillable protagonist June’s character has dramatically changed. She was seen forcibly having sex with Luke.

Luke and June in 'The Handmaid’s Tale' (HULU)

Fans took to Twitter to express their views. A user wrote, “June unleashing her sexual trauma on Luke is...  #HandmaidsTale.” The second fan added: “Can we talk about how toxic that sex scene between June and Luke was like I don’t even have words for what I just saw #HandmaidsTale.”




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