Are Thomas Gipson, Chelsea Brea in a contractual relationship? 'Temptation Island' fans think the two 'faked it'

Did Thomas and Chelsea fake the relationship for fame? Many think that it could have been a set-up

                            Are Thomas Gipson, Chelsea Brea in a contractual relationship? 'Temptation Island' fans think the two 'faked it'
'Temptation Island' stars Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Brea are being accused of faking their relationship (USA Network)

'Temptation Island' fans are beginning to question the authenticity of Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson's relationship after watching the couple's behavior on the show. The couple decided to come on USA Network's hit reality show as Chelsea was reportedly uncomfortable with her boyfriend Thomas' flirty behavior. His harmless flirting reportedly set Chelsea off, so to prove to her that she could trust him, Thomas brought her onto the island.

Although the couple came mostly due to Thomas, things soon turned around when Chelsea began connecting with a single on the island named Dr Blake Eyres. Blake and Chelsea bonded over their common interests and eventually began getting very close. This irked Thomas to no end, who felt that his girlfriend was cheating on him after watching her kiss Blake during a bonfire clip. Chelsea on the other hand felt extremely disrespected by Thomas after watching him rub Sophia Perez's a** during a bonfire clip.


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Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson put their relationship to test on 'Temptation Island' (USA Network)

As both of them were getting frustrated with each other and their attitude towards their relationship, in a fit of rage Thomas declared that Chelsea had broken their 'contract' and made their relationship void. When fans heard Thomas comparing their relationship to a contract it quickly raised red flags in their head. Many wondered if the couple was really dating each other or just faking it for fame. Since both Chelsea and Thomas are actors in their real life, the 37-year-old's comparison of their relationship to contract just seemed to be the final straw to the wild speculations circulating online.

A fan tweeted, "So, Tom thinks of his relationship as a contract? #TemptationIsland." Another fan wrote, "The contract is void? The contract being your relationship? Wooowww like I said he's looking for a reason to cheat on her. #TemptationIsland @TemptationTV."



'Temptation Island' fans are convinced that Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson are faking their relationship for fame (USA Network)

The rumors of Chelsea and Thomas faking their relationship began on Reddit when a user discovered that neither of the reality stars had pictures with each other on their social media, and that they were professional actors. The user wrote, "So I checked out Thomas’ Instagram after seeing Reality Steve link it, and it very much seems like he did TI for exposure. His most recent pic (as of today) is a photo with the caption “Thomas Gipson IN Temptation Island”. From that, I infer that this was a role he played? There are no photos of he and Chelsea together on either of their accounts ( @chelseabreea and @thomas_gipson ). Either they deleted all photos of each other previously because they are no longer together, or they were totally a set up from the start."

Another fan echoed similar sentiments with, "If any of the couples faked it for fame, I'd believe it was these two. There was a moment in episode one during their b-roll/on the street interview with each other where they were half hugging, Thomas went in for a kiss, and Chelsea very noticeably recoiled before meeting him for the kiss. It struck me as super odd and from that point made their whole relationship feel disingenuous."

Do you think Thomas and Chelsea are faking their relationship on 'Temptation Island' for fame? Let us know. 'Temptation Island' Season 3 airs every Tuesday at 9/8c only on USA Network.

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