Are Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson still together after their stint on 'Temptation Island' Season 3?

The unholy trinity of 'jealousy, possessiveness, and insecurity' began plaguing Chelsea and Thomas' relationship on 'Temptation Island'

                            Are Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson still together after their stint on 'Temptation Island' Season 3?
Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson put their relationship to the test on 'Temptation Island' (USA Network)

When it comes to the success rate of the couples who came on 'Temptation Island' together and left the show together, or managed to stay together long after the show's conclusion, the success rate is almost negligible. 

Yet, every season we see four brave couples ready to risk it all to test their relationship and their partners' fidelity. One such couple on Season 3 of 'Temptation Island' is Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson. After being in a relationship for a little over a year, Thomas and Chelsea began having some troubles in their relationship. The unholy trinity of 'jealousy, possessiveness and insecurity' began plaguing their once fairytale romance.


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Thomas Gipson found himself getting tempted by Sophia Perez on 'Temptation island' (USA Network)


Thomas's, 37, flirty behavior and charming personality began getting on Chelsea's nerves, as she felt that him flirting with other women while he's committed to her was nothing but disrespectful to their relationship. While Thomas believed that his 29-year-old girlfriend should accept him just the way he is and stop feeling so insecure about his flirty nature. 

Once they got on the island, both Chelsea and Thomas made an earnest attempt to be loyal to each other, but soon realized that being away from each other wasn't all that bad, considering there were 12 hot singles waiting to woo them. 

Chelsea Brea's insecure feeling towards her boyfriend Thomas Gipson's flirty nature brought the couple to 'Temptation Island' (USA Network)


Thomas found himself drawn to a single named Sophia Perez, while Chelsea was getting tempted by Dr Blake Eyres. Once the chemistry between them began getting intense, watching the bonfire clips became a painful experience. Both Chelsea and Thomas were unhappy with each others' behavior and felt that they were crossing a line. Chelsea didn't appreciate watching her boyfriend getting all cozy with Sophia, while Thomas was convinced that Chelsea was cheating on him with Sr. Blake. He began regretting his decision of bringing her to the island and trusting in her and their relationship so much.

At this point on the show, things are looking very bleak for Thomas and Chelsea's relationship, as both of them seem hurt and disappointed by each others' actions. Which had us wondering if Chelsea and Thomas managed to make it out of the show together or if their relationship too became a casualty of the show. 

Are Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson still together?
Although their relationship seems to have hit a rough patch on the show, if their social media is anything to go by then it seems like the couple might have made it through the show just fine. When the couple posted on their respective social media pages the news of them appearing on 'Temptation Island', almost all their friends seemed surprised and happy for them. Suggesting that the couple might still be together and might have not split. 



 "WHAAAAT?! Y’all were on a TV SHOW!? 😲🤯," one of Thomas's followers who seems to be well acquainted with the couple commented. Another follower wrote, ".I CAN’T BELIEVE IT I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH YOU GUYS!" However, the biggest clue and giveaway was Chelsea's response to one of the comments on her 'Temptation island' promotional post. One of her followers shared, "Get maried love one another, have childern love them, turn your back on all the social media BS." Chelsea seemed to love the suggestion, as she responded with, "Love this 🙏"

To get a definitive answer on the status of Chelsea and Thomas's relationship, we will just have to continue watching the show and wait for the updates from the couple. 

'Temptation Island' Season 3 airs every Tuesday at 10/9c only on USA Network. 

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