'Temptation Island' Season 4: Meet the sexy singles

'Temptation Island' Season 4: Meet the sexy singles
Poster for 'Temptation Island' Season 4 (USA NETWORK)

'Temptation Island' is one of the more enticing dating shows to air, packing in plenty of drama. It is why the audiences look forward to each new season. Finally, the wait is over, and the show is back with some seductive, gorgeous singles who will try and seduce four couples, putting their loyalty to the test. Mark L. Walberg, who has been a television personality for decades, will host Season 4 of 'Temptation Island.'

The show will feature four couples who will arrive on the show together but will be forced to stay apart. There will be a separate villa for women and a separate villa for men. The women's villa is populated by single men, whereas the men's villa is populated by single women. Throughout the show, the couples' fidelity is put to the test as they deal with the temptations (singles) that surround them. The couples must pick whether they want to go together or test the waters with a new partner they met on the island at the end of the show. If you enjoy drama and romance in reality shows, these are the ones to watch 'The Bachelorette', 'Bachelor in Paradise' and 'Dating Around' 


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Alexa Coppola

Alexa is a 23-year-old outgoing girl from New Jersey who is looking for love. She acquired her real estate license at the age of 19 thanks to her work hard, play hard approach. This extrovert isn't one to stay at home and wait for Mr. Right. She's out with her buddies all the time, trying new things and meeting new men. She has never been single for long and is looking for that special someone.


Brianna Hile

Brianna Hile, 28, is a veterinary assistant who enjoys being outside. She is looking for someone who is amusing, secure, and able to explain their feelings, focusing on personality flaws. Brianna is ready to ditch the tourist trap dating pool in her hometown of Las Vegas in exchange for the chance to meet someone genuine.


Emily Berkun

Emily Berkun is a New York City-based licensed nurse who has dedicated her life to helping others. Dating has been difficult for her due to her demanding work schedule, but she is finally ready to take some time for herself and meet a partner. Emily aspires to display her quirky and unique personality outside of the rush and bustle of her NYC lifestyle.


Karyna Auletta

Karyna Auletta is a native Floridian who knows how to pick good men. This mental health therapist refuses to date just anyone since she thinks she's a catch and is determined to make worthy admirers mysteriously fall in love with her. 


Kryslyn Renee

Model Kryslyn refuses to settle for anything less than what she wants after being duped by her high school sweetheart. She's a self-described spiritualist who uses tarot cards and birth charts to figure out who she's seeing. Kryslyn is a fierce competitor who will go for whatever she wants as long as it aligns with her frequency.


Madelyn Rusinyak

Madelyn is an environmentalist and a free-spirited yoga instructor who went vegan over five years ago to help rescue the earth. She is ready to experience life with her true love at her side, hoping to escape the confines of her rural Georgia town and see the world.


Marissa Rodriguez 

Marissa Rodriguez is a real estate broker with a golden heart who is also a passionate lover. She is a 'relationship person' at heart, and she is enjoying her single life after finally breaking up with her high school boyfriend. Marissa promises to put herself first in all future relationships and is eager to make a fresh, meaningful connection.


Meghan Pilkington

Meghan is more than just a pretty face. She describes herself as athletic, competitive, and a self-described nerd. She recently received her master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology and believes that the only thing lacking from her life is the perfect partner.


Olivia Chapman

Olivia is a free spirit who seeks to make the most of each day. She is a competitive professional roller skater who enjoys healthy competition and hopes to find a guy who would complement her nomadic existence back home.


Paige Whisenant

Paige Whisenant, a small Texan with a fiery personality, is looking for a partner who can support her independence. She is everyone's greatest friend and wishes to become Mrs. Right. 


Reilly Moelle

Reilly Moeller, a pageant winner, is always ready to make someone's day. This esthetician was chastised for her appearance as a child, but she has now matured and has been in the top five in Miss Iowa USA three times.


Trace Winningham

Trace is a motivated Texan who is hunting for her equal rather than settling down. Through her bold, tell-it-like-it-is demeanor is sometimes misinterpreted as abrasive, she is a soft at heart. Trace was raised in a military home where travel was a priority, and she hopes to pass on similar experiences to her future children.


Andrew Kujawski

Andrew Kujawski is a successful media strategist who is always looking for a new opportunity. He is a fraternal twin who comes from a large, athletic family.

Andrew Kujawski in ‘Temptation Island’ Season 4 (USA Network)

Blake Blumenshine

The bartender, who is 26 years old, is from Tampa, Florida. Blake Blumenshine, a bartender and Navy veteran, is a former Illinois farm boy. He served in the military for three years and was awarded a special achievement medal for saving a man's life on three occasions.



Brian Gajeski

With his genuine Midwestern charm and commitment to making others feel good about themselves, gym owner Brian Gajeski ticks all the boxes on paper. Brian is ready to start a family after breaking up with his ex-fiancée six years ago, and he hopes to find a woman who is willing to put down her phone in exchange for a genuine, face-to-face connection.


Evan Favors

When he's not in the gym, the former football player turned executive recruiter and fitness fanatic enjoys going outside, singing karaoke, and nerding out on nature documentaries. Evan Favors hopes the ladies are ready for a mature relationship with a well-rounded man after the abrupt end of a six-year relationship.


George Maxey

George Maxey was raised by parents who were both school principals and knew that he needed both brains and power to succeed. He was an NFL draught pick who spent a season with the Bears before moving on to the Dolphins as an analyst, all while honing his culinary skills.


James Patterson

James is as sweet as they come, a physically fit Army brat. This former football player turned his years of preparation into a thriving online fitness business. James Patterson's heart is on his sleeve, and he doesn't hold back when he senses a connection.


Mike Melnick

Mike Melnick, a Berkeley graduate with classic west coast looks, is more than meets the eye. He successfully launched a videography company for concert events by combining his tech sales skills with his passion for music.


Mike Pedro

Mike Pedro is a straight shooter who brings a lot to his relationships: he is honest, loyal, and seeking a genuine, emotional connection with a woman.


Orazio “Ray Rock” Iannacone

Orazio "Ray Rock" Iannacone is the quintessential Italian loverboy with a golden heart. He comes from a loving family, writes poetry, and enjoys romantic films. Ray Rock, who has always been a confident ladies' guy, is ready for his own fairytale ending with a wonderful woman who will return his love and passion.


Taylor Patrick

Taylor Patrick is the epitome of a party animal with a big heart. This fitness teacher and proud dog dad, a social butterfly whose last relationship proved overly controlling, is wanting to meet new people and break the relationship patterns that have failed him in the past.


Tevin Lopez

Tevin Lopez grew up as a loving son and brother to his twin sister, working hard to support his family during his high school years. Tevin has been single for five years and understands that his talent to make people laugh makes him a terrific catch.


Tommy Soltis

Tommy Soltis, a self-described adrenaline seeker, is a firefighter/EMT who has traveled to over 12 countries in search of new adventures. Now that his profession and finances are secure, he believes the only thing missing in his life is love.



Season four of 'Temptation Island' starts on USA Network on Wednesday, March 16 at 10 pm

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