'Temptation Island' Season 4: Fans think Edgar slept with Marissa to get back at Gillian

'Temptation Island' Season 4: Fans think Edgar slept with Marissa to get back at Gillian
Edgar and Marissa in 'Temptation Island' Season 4 (USA network)

Episode 9 of 'Temptation Island' Season 4, began with Mark breaking the news to Gillian that Edgar cheated on her with Marissa. The news hurt Gillian as she didn't expect this from her partner and so, as soon as the girls walk into the villa, Gillian announced that her boyfriend was the first one to have sex with another woman on the show. 

On the other hand, Edgar and Marissa were having their private moments at the other villa. When Mark asked the participants to select their final dates, Edgar naturally chose Marissa, and mentioned that he felt like a new sort of person with her, something he never felt with Gillian. Gillian, on the other hand, picked Tommy, but during their date, Tommy confessed he just saw her as a good friend, which broke her heart. Meanwhile, here's what fans had to say about the episode.


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A fan said, "Sorry gillian after weeks of not even doing anything and watching you eff around with Tommy and you saying how you didn't want Edgar anymore, he moved on. SORRY.#TemptationIsland". "Gillian is blowing up over Edgar. So are we supposed to believe of all that s**t she’s been doing, she didn’t sleep with Tommy? #TemptationIsland". Another fan said, "Tommy said FRIENDS Gillian getting hit with the daggers ". "Was Gillian not getting busy in the shower with Tommie last week?? Ma’am how are you mad #TemptationIsland," added another.






A fan tweeted, "It feels like Gillian And Edgar have this kind of one up each other relationship Edgar had sex because he saw her doing stuff And now she's upset that he did this. It's wild #TemptationIsland". Another fan said, "Gillian is a clown. So u can cheat and he has to watch u at every bonfire but he cant? Girl bye #temptationisland". "Gillian you straight up wanted to throw that promise ring away day one.Then hoed out with Tommy. No one cares but at least #OwnIt #TEMPTATIONISLAND," said another. 





It looks likes fans think Edgar did all those things only to be vindictive. A fan mentioned, "Edgar only did slept with that girl to be vindictive #TEMPTATIONISLAND".  Another fan tweeted, "obviously they hooked up, but considering how gillian freaked out, maybe they didn’t “go all the way”…. i hate both of them, but i get gillian’s point. haven’t gotten to the end yet, but i’d bet that marissa deserves better than real life edgar #TemptationIsland"



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