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'Temptation Island': Nickole cries over Corey not taking her on a date, fans remind her 'he's not your man'

'Temptation Island' fans were amused by Nickole's reaction to Corey asking another girl out on a date
Nickole Ciszak may be crying over Corey Sobczyk on 'Temptation Island' but fans are not having any of it (Lifetime)
Nickole Ciszak may be crying over Corey Sobczyk on 'Temptation Island' but fans are not having any of it (Lifetime)

The saying "out of the frying pan into the fire" best describes 'Temptation Island' star Corey Sobczyk's current situation on the show. The 25-year-old concierge manager came on the show with the hopes of proving to his girlfriend Erin Smith that he was the best man for her. 

But, unfortunately, when he saw his girlfriend pick another guy for a date on the island, whose interests seemed more aligned to hers, Corey began feeling insecure and broke down.

During this vulnerable time, Nickole Ciszak, a single on the island, offered her shoulder for Corey to cry on. Nicole began comforting Corey and patiently heard him pour his heart out about his feelings towards Erin and her new date.

All along, Nickole thought she was getting closer to Corey by being there for him. So, when it was time for Corey to pick a girl for his second date and he chose Amanda Spain-Butts over her, Nickole wasn't pleased.


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Erin and Corey (USA Network)

While Nickole was hurting over not being chosen by Corey for a second date, what upset her more was the fact that he didn't tell her about it. Nickole learned about Amanda from the other girls. Later that evening, Nickole began venting out her feelings and displeasure with the way Corey was handling things to everybody in the villa. When Corey overheard her, he pulled her aside to have a talk with her to understand what was upsetting her.

Nickole kept crying saying how Corey made her look "dumb" and how she was falling in love with him. He was left feeling puzzled, so he left her saying he would talk to her later when she was feeling a bit better. Nickole continued to feel sad and heartbroken. When fans saw how she was reacting to Corey just asking out another girl on a date, they were amused. Many fans felt that he didn't owe her any explanation considering she wasn't his girlfriend or anything.


A fan tweeted, "Nicole pls girl!!! The boy has a whole a** girlfriend Corey has entered another problem! From Erin to Nicole #TemptationIsland." Another fan wrote, "I really don’t understand exactly why Nicole is this upset...?? Did I miss something....?? How did Corey lead her on? Can someone fill me in... @TemptationTV #TemptationTuesday #TemptationIsland."

"Why is Nicole crying he’s going to take other girls on a date not just you #TemptationIsland," wondered a fan. "Nicole girl chill out Corey is not your man, to be doing all this over #TemptationIsland," pointed a fan. "Nicole, he is in a relationship????? What do you expect? He owes you NOTHING. #TemptationIsland," shared a fan.






'Temptation Island' Season 3 airs every Tuesday at 10/9c on USA Network.