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Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk's Relationship Timeline: 'Temptation Island' Season 3 couple sparks breakup rumors

Erin's Instagram posts seem to be throwing slight shade but are they pointed at Corey or is it a larger observation?
Erin and Corey star in 'Temptation Island' (USA Network)
Erin and Corey star in 'Temptation Island' (USA Network)

The highs and lows of Erin Smith and Corey Sobczyk's relationship are soon going to be common knowledge to 'Temptation Island' fans. The couple who have been dating for nearly two years are now starting to have problems in their once solid relationship. Erin who is a former pro soccer player has a history of dating professional athletes. She also has the not very pleasant habit of comparing one to the other. This has led to Corey, a concierge manager, not surprisingly, feeling rather undervalued in the relationship.


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So why Temptation Island?

Erin hopes that going on 'Temptation Island' will show her clearly if anything is missing between the two, while Corey hopes that quality time on the Island will convince Erin that he is the man for her.

Are Erin and Corey still together?

Corey doesn't seem to be giving much away on this front. At the moment his focus is on the premiere of Season 3 of 'Temptation Island'. Also let's remember that we can't draw too many conclusions from the contestants' Instagram pages, as they are obligated to keep the status of their relationships a matter of suspense. But still, we're sure that a few hints always slide through and it's often from the followers who are family and friends.


One follower of Corey's on Instagram, who claims to be his cousin, hints these problems between Erin and Corey could be fictional and he added, "That’s exciting! Can’t wait to watch! You better be acting right, cuz".

However, this post of Erin's where she asks who is ready to cry with her has us wondering.


But is there a deeper relationship issue that cropped up on the Island? This post of Erin's seems to be throwing slight shade. But is it pointed at Corey or is it a larger observation?


Whatever may be the couple's relationship status, at the moment, Erin is now "playing for keeps".


Erin also seems to be sporting a new look in this post. They do say girls fresh off a breakup get a makeover. So is this new look all about a new start on other fronts as well?

So the big question remains. Is it in fact 'Game On' for Erin and Corey? Our gut tells us that judging from Erin's posts, the couple may just have decided to call a time out on their relationship. But if you're looking for the opposite of "Couple Goals", then make sure to tune into Season 3 of 'Temptation Island' come February 16.