‘Temptation Island’: Fans confused after David makes Toneata his new 'girlfriend' while still thinking of getting back with Kate

‘Temptation Island’: Fans confused after David makes Toneata his new 'girlfriend' while still thinking of getting back with Kate
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Just when you thought David couldn’t get any messier on ‘Temptation Island’ he goes ahead and finds a way to mess up again. The previous episode saw David and Toneata getting serious, after their “first kiss”. On the latest episode, the islanders had to choose a date for their overnight date, and of course, David picked Toneata.

Things heated up between the two, and the next morning, we see David asking Toneata to be his girlfriend, and the former beauty pageant queen happily accepts his proposal and announces to the world that they are officially a couple. Mind you, this is all happening while he is still with his girlfriend, Kate. A few scenes later we see David wondering openly in his green room interview if there’s still a possibility to make things work with Kate!
Fans were left puzzled by David’s intentions. They were first caught by surprise that he already made things official with Toneata before breaking up with Kate, and immediately after, he is seen wondering if he can still make things work with Kate. Several fans took to their social media to express their confusion over this sticky situation. A fan tweeted, “Ok so David said he's officially Toneata's (whatever spelling) boyfriend, but he still wants to make it work with Kate. I don't think this man understands anything #TemptationIsland”. Another fan shared, “David’s in a relationship yet he’s still got a GF....Toneata thinks things are all good and cut to David in the confessionals being like “what if we work things out” about Kate. SMH.#TemptationIsland”.

Many fans took the opportunity to point out to David that he first needs to break up with Kate before proceeding with Toneata. A fan commented, “How tf David asks Toenail to be his girlfriend before breaking up with Kate??? #TemptationIsland”. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “How can David tell Tanita that they are BF and GF?! Ummmm did I miss something?! Like what about already having a GF named Kate?! 🤦🏼‍♀️ #temptationisland”.

“I think you should probably break up w your current girlfriend before telling tomato she’s your girlfriend david... but you are known for cheating so #TemptationIsland”, observed a fan. “Somebody come get Tito! Girl how are you a gf when David haven’t officially broke up with Kate?!!! Gurrrrla!  #TemptationIsland”, wondered a fan. Another fan wrote, “David has two girlfriends right now and is still considering the possibility of leaving his new girlfriend for his other girlfriend #temptationisland”. “David is crazy crazy, I hate this man and his radical polygamy #TemptationIsland”, expressed an annoyed fan.
'Temptation Island' airs every Thursday night at 10/9c only on USA Network.


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