‘Temptation Island’: Fans convinced Toneata Morgan is with David Benavidez just for the cameras and isn't interested in him

‘Temptation Island’: Fans convinced Toneata Morgan is with David Benavidez just for the cameras and isn't interested in him

The latest episode of ‘Temptation Island’ saw Toneata Morgan and David getting closer and declaring that they are falling for each other. She asks David why he hasn’t kissed her yet, while he has already kissed other girls on the island. David tells her that if he kisses her then in his head they’d be official, so he wanted to take some time. Don’t worry, it didn’t take much time, a few scenes later we see them exchanging a kiss. After the kiss, Toneata tells the cameras that she thinks what David and she have is better than what he has with Kate.
David on his part declares her as the “girl of his dreams”, and the one he has waited for all his life. Despite their lovey-dovey gestures fans aren’t buying their romance, and for some strong reasons too. Fans are convinced that Toneata is on the show to just advance her career and isn’t genuinely interested in David because they find it hard to believe that any girl would be down to date a man who cheats on his girlfriend by having a threesome. When David apologized to Toneata for his behavior she forgave him way too easily and didn’t have any reservations and immediately began pursuing him happily.

Toneata and David (USA Network)

A fan tweeted, “I will be genuinely shocked if David and Toneata actually made it off the show together. Their chemistry seems so forced and Toneata seems like she’s there just to advance her career, not to make a genuine connection. #TemptationIsland”.

Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Clearly Toneata is only showing interest in David so she can get some TV time #TemptationIsland”.

“Toneata is just trying to be on TV. She doesn’t like David. #TemptationIsland”, commented a fan.

Romeo Miller arrives at the BET Her Awards Presented By Bumble at Conga Room on June 21, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. (Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Bumble)

This wouldn’t be the first time Toneata has appeared on a reality show. Did you know that Toneata dated rapper Romeo Miller back in the day. She appeared on his show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ while she was with him. Romeo received a lot of backlash for his relationship with the blonde beauty.

A fan tweeted, “Toneata dumbass using david just as much as he using her so she aint worried. She'll be on a 3rd/4th reality show soon #TemptationIsland”

Another fan shared, “I am sorry but David is just disgusting. And I don’t believe for one second Toneata is genuinely interested in David.  #TemptationIsland.”

“I just dont get david? Kate look better in the face than toneata and they basically got the same body. Like what was it bro? The warmth of New pussy? You played yourself man. You ruined your relationship for an alterego blonde who only came for camera time #temptationisland,” wondered a fan.
 'Temptation Island' airs every Thursday night at 10/9c only on USA Network.


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