'Teen Mom' star Ryan Edwards admits he skipped drug treatment because he was too famous

Ryan Edwards had support from his wife Mackenzie who also sort of defended his decision not to go to rehab.

                            'Teen Mom' star Ryan Edwards admits he skipped drug treatment because he was too famous

Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards was arrested on March 28 on a warrant for petition to revoke — which means breaking probation which stemmed from his past charges on possession of heroin. It seems like the signs of things turning from bad to worse had always been there as in a Teen Mom OG reunion interview, Ryan confessed that he stopped going to treatment because he was too famous. 

Even Dr. Drew, who had been present did not seem to be convinced with his justification as his reply was "Oh, please." In a sneak peek of the clip from the show 'The Ashleys', Dr Drew can be seen asking Ryan about his addiction battle and Ryan said that he has been doing good because of the support system he has around him. He confessed that he had been calling his therapist from time to time and had his parents and wife, Mackenzie Standifer by his side. 

Even when the doctor suggested that it is better for Ryan to further get a rehab treatment he recalled how hard it is for him to find a good therapist.  "It’s honestly hard to find a counselor because of this TV show. [A counselor] was like, ‘I’m not gonna see you because I don’t think the TV show and you are a good idea," Ryan told Dr. Drew. 

At this point, it seemed like Dr. Drew could not listen to any more of what Ryan had to say and quickly jumped to asking him "What about going to 12-step?" After listening to this question Ryan was left speechless but fortunately for him, he had his wife, Mackenzie to defend him and his choices. 

"That was really hard," she insisted. "They just said that addicts are selfish, and Ryan is selfish and the show makes Ryan selfish so he couldn’t be a part of the group unless he quit his job [of being on the show]." Despite this, Dr. Drew was not satisfied with the justification that the pair had in store for not getting treatment. "I know lots of people who are in all kinds of television and movie positions and still manage to easily find people who are in a position to help them," he clapped back. 

From the interview, it was clear that Ryan had no intention of seeking help and it seems like his wife was also pleased with that idea. Since then, Ryan has been arrested while Mackenzie came forward revealing that she is pregnant. This comes after Ryan's ex Maci Bookout claimed that he threatened to hurt her.