Teen Mom's Maci Bookout says Ryan Edwards threatened to hurt her while high on heroin

Maci Bookout opens up about fearing for her life as Ryan Edwards had made threatening phone calls to her and so she sought a protection order against him.

                            Teen Mom's Maci Bookout says Ryan Edwards threatened to hurt her while high on heroin
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Ryan Edwards was recently arrested on heroin-related charges and while this news came a day after his wife, Mackenzie Standifer Edwards announced about her pregnancy, Ryan's ex, Maci Bookout made the shocking revelation of how she had requested an order of protection against Ryan days before he was arrested.

According to the documents that have been received by Radar Online from Hamilton County Circuit Court, it states that the request had been filed on March 23, 2018. Ryan was arrested on March 27 for "petition to revoke (simple possession of heroin).” In the complain, Maci asked for her son Bentley, 9, with Ryan and her children Jayde, 2, and Maverick, 1, with husband Taylor McKinney to be protected. 

Maci confessed that Ryan had previously threatened her over calls and that had led her to make the decision of filing a complaint. “He has left voicemail messages threatening to show up at my house and take my son,” she claimed. “He has made threats to show up and hurt me if I don’t answer my phone.”

During her son's baseball game in May 2017, Maci claimed that Ryan “showed up under the influence of heroin and got in my face, yelling and threatening to hurt me.” She further added that she fears for her son's safety because she had proof that he often drives while under the influence. In the past, video of Ryan slurring his words and falling asleep at the wheel was caught on camera. After this aired, he entered rehab for heroin abuse.

Maci believed that Ryan's behavior was not getting any better. “His behavior and actions are getting worse,” she alleged. “I am fearful for my three children and myself, and what he may do, based on his threats.” While Maci has requested for Ryan to stay away from her three kids, she also wants him to keep his distance from her home and workplace. She also checked off that he not “hurt or threaten to hurt” any animals she owns.

She further explained how Ryan does not have any custodial rights to their son. After Maci filed her report, the court issued a temporary order of protection. She had a court hearing on April 2 to see if the protective order will be granted.