Taylor Swift's BFF Todrick Hall slams Kim Kardashian, calls her 'self-absorbed, stubborn little q***f'

Todrick blasted Kim on Instagram over the ongoing feud that ensued between the reality TV star and his friend Taylor after a leaked phone call between her and Kanye West surfaced online

                            Taylor Swift's BFF Todrick Hall slams Kim Kardashian, calls her 'self-absorbed, stubborn little q***f'
Todrick Hall and Kim Kardashian West (Getty Images)

Singer and choreographer Todrick Hall, a close friend of Taylor Swift for years, went on a social media rampage on Tuesday, March 24, slamming reality TV star and business mogul, Kim Kardashian West in an epic rant.  

In a series of now-deleted stories on his Instagram page, Todrick shared his thoughts about the ongoing back and forth feud that ensued between Kim and Taylor after a full-length phone call that took place between the latter and Kanye West couple of years ago recently surfaced online. 

In a series of multiple stories, Todrick addressed every comment made by Kim, bashing her in the process and defending Taylor aggressively. 

Todrick began the rant in all caps, "I CANNOT STAND THIS WOMAN. Kim Kardashian posted this on her stories and is still missing the point." He'd taken a screenshot of Kim's stories and was breaking down every part with his thoughts on the same. "1. Taylor didn't reignit anything Kris probably leaked this footage her damn self," he continued.

He also brought up her leaked sex tape, saying, "After your Ray J video and publically documenting every crevice of your vagina.. I HIGHLY doubt that you're embarrassed NOW to respond to this," he wrote, asking Kim to apologize already to Taylor. He continued with the name-calling and also addressed Kim as a "self absorbed entitled, stubborn little q***f."

He called Kim and her husband Kanye out for not taking Taylor's permission before filming the call, saying that if they had time to record the phone call, they sure did have the time to shoot an email to Taylor asking her permission after the complete lyrics were in place.

He also voiced his opinion about the video and redirected the rant towards Kanye, calling the rapper "shady" for the objectifying nature of the video of the song 'Famous' that started this drama in the first place. The video featured naked wax figurines of Taylor and Kim with exposed breasts and derriere respectively whereas Kanye's statuette was adequately covered which Todrick referred to as the rapper's "double-standards." He also called him a clout chaser for asking Taylor to promote the song. 

Previously, Kim had justified the filming of the call, saying it was within Kanye's rights as it was a part of the album-making process and also further went on to concrete the claim by drawing a similarity to Taylor's documentary. Todrick responded to this comment, saying that everyone who featured in the documentary knew they were being filmed and was it done so with proper protocol and not sneakily.

He recalled the one time Kim and he met and he noted that she was "kind" but continued to shade her further, asking her to "do better" in handling this feud since she is setting an example not just for her children but also for anyone who is witnessing this ongoing controversy.

He finished his rant apologizing for the "grammatical errors" and said that he "usually only spreads love over social media but he won't stand by if someone is publically dragging his friend" post which he called it a night but came right back to address Kim's comment where she said she didn't edit the footage but just released a couple of snips to prove her point.

Todrick wrote, "I know this is a strange concept to understand but editing is altering or condensing something from its original state. So you did indeed edit the footage miss thing Kind off a concept you should be very well acquainted and familiar with as you've done it not only to this footage but your butt, your face, your hair the list goes on."

He later deleted all of the stories and put up a post that read "sorry for my venting today" with a side note "Don't F**k with my friends. No time for drama. Taking a break from social media, and by break I mean I'll be back in an hour."

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