It's Tara Reid NOT Tara Reade! Star says people confusing her with Biden accuser, but what's she up to these days?

It's Tara Reid NOT Tara Reade! Star says people confusing her with Biden accuser, but what's she up to these days?
Tara Reid (Getty Images)

After Joe Biden has been accused of sexual harassment by one Tara Reade, people have been confusing her for 'American Pie' actress Tara Reid. Reid, however, set the record straight, asking the public to not confuse her with Reade.

Reid, 44, had revealed that she was on the receiving end of threats and horrible comments that seemed to have meant for Reade. “It’s so crazy. I looked at my Twitter and people were telling me ‘You’re a wrong, bad person!’ I was like, ‘Who did what to who? You’ve lost your mind,'" said Reid. Reade has accused Biden of digitally penetrating her after pinning her against a wall in 1993, when Biden was in the Senate and she worked as one of his staff assistants. Biden denied the allegation. 

After Reade made the allegation against Biden on 'The Katie Halper Show' in March, Reid started to receive social media backlash last month. “Tara Reid has had countless opportunities to grow as an actress. She’s been in the industry for more than twenty years. But instead, she insists on starring in five Sharknado movies. Now, she’s claiming that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her. It. Won’t. Work. #Resist," one tweet read.

“Serious question: Did Joe Biden allegedly sexually assault Tara Reid before or after Sharknado?," said another tweet.

Responding to these tweets, Reid said, “I was like, no way — it’s not me! You’ve got the wrong Tara! Are people that stupid? I mean, c’mon … I’ve done a lot over the years, but not this. I don’t know Joe Biden. I know about him but I’m not into politics at all. What is going on? The wrong person to bring into politics is me."

Reid has been on lockdown with the rest of the world during this COVID-19 pandemic in her home in Hollywood California. "When lockdown ends, the first thing I’m gonna do? I need to get my roots done and get a mani-pedi!" said Reid.

It's been 21 years since the teen movie, 'American Pie', where Reid played the role of Victoria 'Vicky' Lathum, who was desperate to lose her virginity to her high-school boyfriend. The fame her fresh face had acquired had set her in motion to star in other teen movies such as Melody Valentine in 'Josie and the Pussycats,' as Gwen Pearson in 'Van Wilder: Party Liaison' and in 'American Pie 2.'

After 'American Pie', Tara went on to make headlines with her film, 'Body Shots', which released in 1999 and was a major flop. Movie critic Robert Ebert said the movie, "suffers from a fatal misapprehension. It thinks it is about date rape, when actually it is about alcoholism. That's why the ending is inconclusive and unsatisfactory; not only does it fail to find answers — but they would be to the wrong questions."

Unfortuenyly, with movies like 'Van Wilder: Party Liaison' in 2002 and 'My Boss's Daughter' in 2003, Reid was labeled the part girl. Her fame from 'American Pie' had started to take a back seat and she even received nominations for 'Razzie Awards', which were parody awards given to actors and films for their failures. Reid's nominations included "Worst Supporting Actress" and "Worst Screen Couple" for 'My Boss's Daughter.' 

She had then moved on to horror in 2005 with 'Alone in the Dark', which got her nominated for "Worst Actress" but what "ruined" her career would be 'Taradise.' She was hired to be the host of E!'s 'Wild On', a travel vlog show but because of the intense partying from England to Croatia, the title was changed to 'Taradise.' The show was canceled after one season, with Reid saying it was "probably the stupidest thing I ever did … I didn't know it was going to ruin my career."

From there, Reid made headlines for pictures in which she was intoxicated in 2007 and was accused of fake publicity stunt about marriage to Zack Kehayov. She admitted to TMZ in October 2011 that the duo "were never really married." Later she hit the headlines for a "wardrobe malfunction" at P Diddy's 35th birthday bash in 2004 where her breast was fully revealed after her dress slipped off her shoulder which led to her admitting that she had some work done. She also checked in to a rehab in 2008. 

But in 2013, Reid had made a comeback with 'Sharknado', which turned out to be a surprise success that led to four sequels. While on promotion for the fifth sequel, Reid admitted, "It's gotten me so much more exposure. It's like I'm getting a whole new career."

During the press tour for the sixth and final installment, 'The Last Sharknado: It's About Time,' Reid reminisced on her time, saying, "The first time I [read the script], I just thought it was the most ridiculous, silly movie I ever had read in my life. It still blows my mind away. I think that's why the fans like it so much because they see that it's outrageous. They see that it takes you out of your everyday life."

But in December 2019, Reid had filed a $100 million lawsuit against Sharknado producers SYFY Media Productions and Asylum Entertainment which she ended up dropping in April 2019 and has since been focusing on her acting.

Reid has 16 upcoming projects in the works. including 'Dr Qurantine', which is in pre-production stage. Her movie, 'Mummy Dearest', has already been completed. It seems that we haven't seen the last of Tara yet with all of the works that are about to be released.

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