Tandem Boogie on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and where to buy bodyboards, surfboards designed for two?

The California-based Clark family-of-five are determined to transform water sports into a community affair for everyone

                            Tandem Boogie on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and where to buy bodyboards, surfboards designed for two?
Tandem Boogie and the Clark family on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

While water sports look extremely fun and exciting, unfortunately not everybody can enjoy them. Some people avoid water sports out of fear, while others stay away from them due to a lack of skills or knowledge of water sports. But thanks to the Clark Family's amazing invention -- Tandem Boogie, soon everybody can have fun in the water.

As the Clark family gets ready to pitch their unique bodyboard and surfboard on 'Shark Tank', here's all you need to know about the product, and the details of its cost, and where you can get it from. 


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The Clark Family pitching for Tandem Boogie on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

What is Tandem Boogie?

The California-based Clark family-of-five are determined to transform water sports into a community affair for everyone. Tandem Boogie creates a way for first-timers, tourists, or even those with disabilities to experience the fun of a “party wave”. The Tandem Boogie is an inflatable bodyboard for two. While a traditional bodyboard comes with an average width of 21 inches, Tandem Boogie's width is 34 inches.

The brand's website describes the product as, "Share the joy of catching and surfing waves, sledding down snowy hills or floating in the lake with your family and friends with the Tandem Boogie AIR Bodyboard for Two People. The patent-pending Dynamic AIR Inflatable Design allows you to carry the board anywhere. It rolls up and fits conveniently into a travel bag. You just show up at the beach and pump it up. Includes soft EVA safe handles and a built-in camera mount to capture all of the memories." The Tandem Boogie is made with military-grade, high-density PVC material that resists corrosion caused by weather, chemicals, impact and scratching. It’s the material used in Zodiac boats and used by Greenpeace and the US Military.

Tandem Boogie Board (Kickstarter)

Who are the founders?

As you might have already noticed Tandem Boogie is a family business owned by the Clark family. The Clark family comprises of John and Manya Clark, alongside their three daughters: Juliette, Alleanna, and Lyla. Since they hail from San Clemente, California, for the Clark family having fun in the water and enjoying water sports was an integral part of life. According to All Shark Tank Products, John founded the SUP (Stand Up Paddling) Surf Club in 2007 and introduced thousands of people to the sport. The husband and wife duo have participated in several water sports competitions, while their daughters grew up paddling with their parents, and eventually branched out to sports like water polo, surfing, outrigger canoeing, etc. 

The Clark Family on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

All the five Clark family members are very actively involved in the Tandem Boogie business, with each family member contributing to the company with their area of expertise. Manya has a background in industrial engineering, having worked in that sector for 30 years, she's currently in charge of manufacturing and operations. While John uses his marketing and product development experience in the corporate world for their company's marketing and sales, while also donning the hat of product development specialist. Their daughter Juliette is the CEO, while Alleanna is the community manager. Both the sisters attend the University of California-Berkeley. Lyla, the youngest Clark family member, who is still in high school, handles the apparel and merchandise side of the brand. 

What is the cost and where to buy it?

Tandem Boogie Boards retail for $459 a board, and you purchase them here. Currently, the brand is offering a discount of 13%, so you can get your Tandem Boogie Board for only $399.

How is the company doing?


Since launching their business in 2020, Tandem Boogie seems to be doing really well. The company has recently added two more products to their lineup alongside their popular Tandem Bodyboards -- swim fins and Tandem Surfboards. The tandem swim fins are engineered to promote short, quick movement through the legs and the feet, the HydroBladeSwim Fins help swimmers to create the natural flow of a flutter kick. While the Tandem Surfboards are being marketed as the perfect boards for learning how to surf. 

Who will steal the deal?

Robert Herjavec on a Tandem Boogie Board (ABC)

It looks like Robert Herjavec might close the deal with Tandem Boogie. Although the brand's sales numbers and profit margins will ultimately be the major deciding factor for the sharks on whether to invest in the business or not. 

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