Electra on ‘Shark Tank’: Who is WNBA champion Fran Harris, what is the cost and where can you buy new sports drink?

With three delicious flavors, every bottle of Electra is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and only 60 calories

                            Electra on ‘Shark Tank’: Who is WNBA champion Fran Harris, what is the cost and where can you buy new sports drink?
Electra on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

Hustlers, athletes, everyday doers and go-getters, here's a sports drink that will give you a wave of energy! A new sports drink entrepreneur is in town, and she's got game. Presented by WNBA champion Fran Harris on ‘Shark Tank’, the product is perfect for you on a “busy day at the office, a casual run, walk in the neighborhood, marathon or even to recover from yesterday's party!”

With three delicious flavors, every bottle of Electra is packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants and amino acids and only 60 calories. A life-saver, isn't it? The official website claims Electra's mission is to provide supernatural and healthy hydration. Moreover, 10% of 2021 revenues will be donated to programs that help eradicate food and water insecurity. 

Electra on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

What is Electra?

Launched out of “pure frustration”, WNBA champion Fran Harris thought of the sports drink after she retired from playing in Switzerland. She played around with the idea of launching a better-for-you beverage company while volunteering for a 5K. She confesses, “I saw a trio of folks who looked like they could use some encouragement early in the race, so I decided to run/walk with them.”

Beating 30,000+ applicants, Harris hopped on the show and said, “I've consumed tons of hydration drinks over the past 30 years – many of them full of sugar and artificial ingredients. Consumers are demanding healthier options – less sugar, fewer calories and more functionality.” She added, “There's nothing like being in the Tank. The potential impact on one's business is well-documented.” Before her debut, she raised $40,000 from a WeFunder campaign and wishes to hit $30 million in the coming three years.

Electra on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

Who is WNBA champion Fran Harris?

Born in Dallas, Texas, Fran Harris is the fourth of five children in her family. A player for The University of Texas at Austin from 1982 to 1986, Harris led the team to a 34-0 NCAA championship in 1986 and played on the Houston Comets' first WNBA championship team in 1997. Not just that, she beat out more than 200 athletes to earn a spot in the inaugural season for the Houston Comets. An announcer for the ESPN network and host on HGTV's 'Home Rules', the former Procter & Gamble health & beauty sales executive is now the first solo woman founder to enter the $23-billion dollar category dominated by Gatorade. “I cut my consumer packaged goods teeth in a great company (P&G),” said Harris. “Those experiences prepared me for the highly competitive beverage space.”

The product that has already got many positive reviews has caught millions of eyeballs. “There are plenty untapped niche opportunities,” Harris exclaimed. “We're just scratching the surface.”

WNBA champion Fran Harris (ABC)

What is the cost?

The drink is available in three flavors and here's all you need to know from the official website.

Passion Punch

“Your tongue will thank you for the berrylicious goodness known as Passion Punch. It's exactly what you'd expect if a raspberry, strawberry and Electra-berry jump into the pool and jump out a beverage. Do yourself a favor - get this in your mouth and tummy today!”

Oh Yeah! Orange

“It's called Oh Yeah! Orange for a reason. When your tongue gets a load of this citrusy celebration colliding with tangerine and orange flavors, it's over. If you dig orange, you're about to be in love.”

Electra on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

Litty Lemonade

“Everybody loves a good lemonade, right? Litty Lemonade does you one better. It's fresh, crisp, refreshing lemony zesty goodness in a bottle. Not too tart, not too sweet. If you like a little tangy, dancing with a little naturally sweet, this is your jam. Drop the mic.”

The website also claims Electra doesn't contain artificial colors or ingredients, and is packed with vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes for prehydration, performance, recovery and rehydration. All the drinks are priced at $11.99 and you can also get a three-pack, six-pack or 12-pack Electra Variety Box. There are also caps, T-shirts and other apparel available in the range of $19.95 to $29.95. Moreover, you can get a discount with the code SHARK!

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Who will crack the deal?

To sweeten Electra, a zero sweetener called NCZ Sweet is used. Its qualities, as explained on the website, are: “Fermented sugarcane Reb M – a natural, zero-calorie, high-potency sweetener produced naturally through clean fermentation of sustainable sugarcane from Brazil. The highest quality and level of purity available. Low glycemic index, great for diabetics. No calories, petrochemical processing or high-fructose corn syrup/additives.”

With all the craze for the product, it seems either Mark Cuban or Daymond John will grab the deal. However, there could be a partnered investment too! 

Mark Cuban (ABC)

‘Shark Tank’ Season 12 Episode 9 will premiere on January 8, 2021, from 8 pm ET to 9 pm ET on ABC after the winter break. 

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