Is Tammy Slaton back on TikTok? Reddit users slam '1000-lb Sisters' star for 'trying to get attention'

Is Tammy Slaton back on TikTok? Reddit users slam '1000-lb Sisters' star for 'trying to get attention'
Tammy Slaton in '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)

TLC's '1000-lb Sisters' is a reality television series that follows Amy Slaton-Halterman and her sister Tammy Slaton in Dixon, Kentucky. The show follows their daily lives as well as their weight loss attempts and weight loss surgery. Tammy struggled with various health problems in the last seasons when she came dangerously close to death multiple times.

Following a harrowing hospitalization in November 2021 due to carbon dioxide poisoning, the TLC personality put herself into treatment for weight concerns. Tammy was first placed on a ventilator, in a medically induced coma, and underwent a tracheotomy. Tammy has been residing at an Ohio-based residential treatment center since then, where she is continuing her weight-loss mission. Tammy Slaton was robbed a few days ago by robbers who kicked in the back door and stole furniture while she was receiving weight-loss treatment in a rehabilitation clinic.


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Tammy's account appears to have been deactivated after she uploaded a TikTok on March 21. Tammy's account has now been restored, but she no longer has a profile photo or a bio, and she hasn't posted to it since then. She hadn't been heard from in months, but she's finally returned. Tammy recently appeared on her ex-boyfriend Phillip Redmond's channel, but this time she was discovered on her own. Is the TLC star truly back for good?

Tammy on Tiktok (TikTok @tammyslaton2020)

Redditors instantly noticed Tammy Slaton's channel was back up. No one knows why Tammy has returned, but her followers are skeptical of her social media presence. To prove that, one member uploaded a snapshot of Tammy's channel. Of course, because it's not a full-body photo, it's difficult to determine if Tammy actually lost weight in rehab. Fans did observe, though, that she is still wearing her trach. A Reddit user made a comment: "Why does she have a new tiktok account if her old account has 1 million followers? and why is her tract still in if she lost weight?? my thinking is... if u got the weight off she wouldnt need it". Another user speculated, “I was wondering if this was a new account or not! im guessing she’s still having trouble breathing, there’s a lot of other factors than just weight for having a trach in".

One user commented, "If she put half as much work into exercise as she does into makeup she'd be down 300 pounds already. Is the trach permanent? If so, how sad?" The reddit users are thinking if the trach is permanent or not, "Trach is not permanent! But she won’t get it removed unless she can lose some weight!" the fourth user added. "No she just said she did for attention" another added. 

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